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Hot Cross Buns (Week 27-28)

No description

RnD 2 Learning&Co

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Hot Cross Buns (Week 27-28)

Hot Cross Buns
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Easter Foods
Display It
template, scissors, brown paint, wide and flat paintbrush, newspaper or plastic sheeting (for protecting the work surface), PVA glue, white paint, cooking salt, plastic squeeze bottles (as used for sauce)
1. Cut out the bun template.

2. Lay the template on a protected work surface and 'wash' over with brown paint by using a wide paintbrush. Allow it dry.

3. Mix white paint, cooking salt, and PVA glue in a 2:2:1 ratio. Transfer mixture into a plastic squeeze bottle.

4. Paint the bun template with PVA glue to give it a glazed effect.

5. Squeeze the mixture form the squeeze bottle into the bun to make a cross.
Display it
Begin an 'Easter traditions' themed display by arranging the craft on a display wall. Group them in
half dozens
to consolidate what is meant by these terms.
Hot Cross Bun
Sing the song with the students until they get used to it.
Sing and dance to the song with the students. You can make your own movement to the song.
What is Easter?
When is Easter?
Fun games on Easter
Why eggs and bunnies?
Easter is now celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon on the Spring between March 22nd and April 25th.
The would exchange eggs as a symbol of fertility and new life.
Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.
The word "Easter" means goddess of spring. Many people celebrate the beginning of spring on Easter Day.
Rabbits and Hares were also symbols of fertility.
Egg on The Spoon
Egg Hunt
Potato Sack Race
Easter Egg Decoration
Colored pencils or crayons, stickers for decoration
1. Hand out the worksheet to the students.

2. Let the students color and decorate the Easter egg with the stickers.

3. Decorate the wall with the 'Easter eggs'.
hot cross bun
roast lamb
boiled eggs
simnel cake
Easter Food
We are going to make hot cross buns.
Hot Cross Bun
Talk about the foods on Easter with the students.
Let's make hot cross buns.
You need bread for your students.
Help your students draw cross with the tube chocolate on the bread.
Enjoy 'Hot Cross Bun' with the students.
Sing and dance to the song.
bread and tube chocolate
* You can just color the bread with brown and white paint.
Hot Cross Bun
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