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Nelson Mandela

No description

Kiana Bakken

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Nelson Mandela

Robben Island
1961: Mandela arranged 3-day strike
1963: Brought to trial
Mandela & 10 ANC leaders sentenced 18 years
1990: Nelson Mendela freed man
1991: Elected President of the African National Congress (ANC)
1993: Mandela & de Klerk awarded Nobel Peace Prize
1994: Nelson Mandela, first black President of South Africa
2004: formal announcement of retirement
2011-2013: Mandela was hospitalized several times
2013: The end of Nelson Mandela
true inspiration to the world
Getting into Education
Attend Wesleyan missionary school
Secondary (Clarkebury Boarding Instit.)
In 1939: University College of Fort Hare
only center for higher learning for blacks
Elected Student Rep. Council
Mandela expelled
Fled to Johannesburg--University of Witwatersrand
1942: Mandela joined the African National Congress (ANC)
1949: ANC adopted Youth League's anti-apartheid movements methods
Mandela led peaceful strikes against South African government
1952: Defiance Campaign
Mandela & Tambo Law Firm
1956: Mandela & ANC members arrested
Birth of a Leader
Nelson Mandela
The Apartheid
began in 1948
Practice of racial segregation
Classified by birth, habitat, education, work, health, and death
Only whites could vote
Made the African Americans lived in poverty and strictly controlled
Kiana Bakken
July 18, 1918
Mvezo, South Africa (Xhosa)
Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa
Noqaphi Nosekeni
Raised by Chief Jongintaba Dalindyebo (Regent of Thembu)
Taught the roles of tribal leadership
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