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Creatures of the deep

the creatures that haunt your dreams but really are real in the ocean

Benjamin Souza

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Creatures of the deep

The Angler fish
this black devil Angler fish attracts its pray with a light on its head and then with its sharp TEETH devours its tricked foe!
The dreaded dragon fish!
this deep creature is unknown to my knowledge but from what i can tell it is a ell like creature that has those teeth for a reason. from what i can tell this fish is a carnivore.
Moon Jellyfish
moon jellyfish are known for there beauty and there deadlines! they may be cute but there stings are fatal. like other creatures they use there light to attract there pray .
The Blob fish
now it is time for a less carnivorous fish so i chose the blob fish,this fish has no bones and you guessed it, it is very squishy so it can survive in deep water presser. and as my opinion it is very very very gross.
the Axolotl
I also don't know a lot a bout this fish but from what i can tell about this picture is that this fish looks like an alien, and from what i can tell it is not a carnivores fish but i might be wrong.
Creatures of the deep!!!
p.s it looks cute :-)
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