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Responsible Computing

A presentation on how to avoid malicious software and going to jail.

Jamion Brown

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Responsible Computing

Malware is a broad term meaning harmful software such as viruses, worms, rootkits, ect.
It is much easier to avoid Malware than
get rid of it.
: Make sure you trust the site that you are downloading from.
Untrustworthy sites are tricky, they will do all they can to disguise themselves, so if you are uncertain about a site do a bit of research on it by simply typing into google
{name of site}, legitimate
and more often than not you’ll come up with information about it.
Although Facebook seems innocent enough it is actually where about 50% of the viruses, us tech guys have to get rid of, come from.
It is very likely you have seen something that looks like this on your facebook wall. Be safe! Check with people before you click links you don't know. Friends and family members may unknowingly be
Facebook will never charge you!
Most websites that advertise in big shiny letters that read “FREEEEEE MP3s!!” or “FREE Movie downloads" may offer the so called free media items but there is normally a catch.
This so called free stuff usually comes with a requirement for you to download a separate software to be able to run it. This can mean it needs a specific media player, or codec that will let your computer run it.
Although the free stuff may download just fine, these other items are normally the ones with a trojan virus (Which is a virus that can take control of your computer and steal information), or rootkit (Which is a stealthy virus that hides important information on your computer and can disable certain functions), inside of them.
Keep your computer updated! Microsoft pushes out updates frequently that help protect you from nasty viruses
Double click this
Make sure your anti-virus
software is updated!
You all have MalwareBytes installed on your computers. This is a great tool for scanning and getting rid of any viruses that may get on your computer.
What does a virus look like?
This may look like a legitimate antivirus program but it is not! Viruses like to make themselves look like antivirus programs so that you will trust them. They will ask for credit card info or personal info. They will also normally tell you that you have thousands of viruses.
internet piracy
is bad!
There are many legitimate ways
to get media over the internet. Support
Your favorite bands and movies by purchasing them.
Make sure when writing essays, papers, reports or speeches you properly source your material. Taking what someone else said is just as much copyright infringement as downloading music and movies!
Facebook is where most of the viruses I have to get rid of come from!
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