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No description

graeme spicer

on 12 June 2016

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Transcript of WL2 DECK

It was widely publicised that we were the European competition for Bang With Friends. Rated by Cosmopolitan as a great way to get a date. Voted as the best sex app in Zoo Magazine, beating Plenty of Fish.

In terms of an exit strategy, we have already been approached by a couple of big names.

Plenty of Fish

Redbus Media
(Love Film Founder)

We received global recognition when we released in February 2013

This is just a snap shot .

We were approached by Jay Silverman Productions.

The main character from Jay's new film is based on what has happened to us at Would Love 2, we are being credited in the film.

Jay has worked with Hollywood greats. Check him out on Linkedln, he is shooting his latest feature film with some Hollywood stars.

Our competitors have huge budgets but we are getting noticed with our very lean start up. We are one of a handful of dating apps that has received global recognition.

We will get version 2 of the app noticed, as we did with version 1.

We will be taking dating to another level and really grabbing the headlines with the next version. We have ideas which will revolutionise dating apps forever.

If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch.

Thanks from the WL2 team.
This is what we started out with 3 years ago, a
really basic idea that grabbed the headlines
Plenty of Fish contacted us........
The biggest threat we have online today is identity theft and when it comes to dating its being Catfished. At Would Love 2 we have been working on a way to deal with this threat.
What we have done to combat this is to make both users add selfies, you cant
request a meeting without sending a selfie
In terms of the UI and UX great advances have been made. We allow users to post photos and videos. Photo's always involve a selfie (A WL2 standard requirement). We have given users the ability to add a video of what they are doing. We focus on sharing rather than hook ups.
A selfie above
A video below
We are currently doing the last round of testing, these are a few of th new features
As well as using the well established links to market we previoulsy used we will be moving ahead with a few new ideas from our digital marketing guru Jack Kerr.
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