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Agents of Socialization

This Prezi will show the most common agents of socialization

Laura Thrower

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Agents of Socialization

Agents of Socialization
Clubs/ Social Groups
Ethnic Background
family = a group of people that nurtures you and teaches you the basics of life.
Family is the most important agent of socialization in almost every society.
Family socialization can be deliberate or unintended.
school = a place where a student learns new things and also is involved in socialization.
Much of school socialization is deliberate.
Teaching skills like reading, writing, arithmetic are obvious, but extracurricular activities also prepare the student for life
School can present some challenges, some of the classes make you push yourself, try things that you haven't had before. This will be a valuable skill later in life.
Schools also teach patriotism, responsibility, good citizenship, and cooperation.
Teachers may also teach "hidden" socialization, for example through speech or dress.
Peers = a group of people that share the same status as you and are roughly the same age.
Because acceptance is so much more important in the teen years, young people more willingly adopt the values and standards of the peer group.
In what ways have you adopted different values or beliefs from peers that are different from your family wishes?
Peers have more of an influence of socialization during the pre teen and teenage years.
Peer group socialization often differs from family socialization.
The Mass Media
Mass Media = instruments of communication that reach large audiences with no personal contact between sender and receiver.
Television probably has the most influence (most children watch 28 hours of tv each week.
What are some problems with socializing people through television or movies?
Most 6 to 17 year olds spend more time watching tv than they do in school.
Although I will be moving away for school I plan on joining the closest cheer team <3.
Resocialization = a break with past experience and learning of new values and norms
Resocialization works by stripping away a persons individuality and weakening their sense of self. Then learning "new behaviors" can begin.
A "total institution" is a setting where people are isolation from the rest of society and subject to total control. Prisons, military boot camps, rehabs and psychiatric hospitals are examples.
I am a big fan of celebertie gosip, so I need the media so I can get all my information faster.
My mother has planted in my head, that if you plan on buying a new phone, make sure that you have enough money because if you don't then you don't need it.
My mother taught me to ride a bike. An
lesson I got from this was to not be afraid to try new things.
What is one thing your family taught you that was deliberate?
My family socialized me to understand my birthday was a special day. That was
My sister and I took a yearly vacation with my dad. He was helping us learn to love the ocean.
My sister socialized me to feel self conscience in a swimsuit!
What is one thing your family taught you that was unintended?
THINK and DISCUSS: How does the military attempt to re-socialize? Why do they need to re-socialize?
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