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Ahja'nee Daniels

on 18 December 2014

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WRITTEN BY Ahjanee Daniels
The Black Panther's Habitat
The black panther's birthrate is about 12 years and their death rate is 20 years in captivity. They don't really get that much babies as they normely do so their birth rate is pretty low. Their Death rate is high because the humans kill a lot black panthers for their skin and fur.
Black panther's Birthrate and Death rate
The black panthers population is about 3,0567 lifespan. They are also endangerd because humans kill a lot of them for hats coats and any thing to keep humans warm. Theres not many left and they all will be exstinct.
The black panthers population
Black panthers eat a lot of small and big animals which is their pray which is gazzels, rabbits, deer, squrrels, and moles. The only predators black panthers he are lions and tigers.
Black panther's pray and predators
Black panthers are permently called Jaguars because they are related to the spotted jaguars. The black panther's habitat are rainforests, marshlands, woodlands, swamps, savannahs, and even moutains. They don't migrate very often because they stay in a territorial range. They stay in the same habitat all year around.
Any questions?
Black panthers carry their baby cubs by theirs mouths for protection so the cub doen get eatin. Its mom gets food for it because it is to young to hunt on its own. After the mom gets the meat she tears it up into little peices for the cub. The cub's teeth is to small and not strong enough to chiow down a whole bunch of meat
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