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Vietnam War Timeline – The Nixon Years

LoL <(^^,)>

nate condor

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Vietnam War Timeline – The Nixon Years

Vietnam War Timeline - The Nixon Years LoL <(^^,)> Summer of 1969 Nixon promises to remove troops from Vietnam Nixon, however, still continued the war to achieve "peace with honor". This made it a long shot that the troops would be returned soon. August of 1969 The 1st 25,000 troops were removed from Vietnam as part of Vietnamization, a plan to remove troops from Vietnam November 1969 Americans learned about the My Lai Massacre, This event angered the nation and the citizens wanted the troops to withdraw. April 30, 1970 The US troops invaded Cambodia.
This was a sign of further involvement into
the war May 4 1970 National Guard Troops fired upon
Kent State war protesters. 9 injured 4 killed
This showed America had no intention of withdrawing troops soon. December 31, 1970 Congress Repealed the Tonkin
Gulf Resolution - gave president
control over policies in Vietnam Showed we were closer to withdrawing troops - Nixon
had supported the war for the most part March 1972 the US suspended talks of piece with Vietnam. The NVA then attacked us - Easter Offensive. Clearly showed we were farther from withdrawing troops. January 27 1973 The Paris Peace Accords were signed, intended to bring
peace to the Vietnam War. Showed we were closer to withdrawing troops, because we were making peace. March 29 1973 The US withdraws from Vietnam March 1975 The final NVA offensive begins April 30 1975 The NVA defeat South Korea - Unconditional Surrender
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