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Tribute to Women Veterans

Compilation of pictures and stories featuring Women Veterans of the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, and the Women's Army Corps.

Rebekah Lloyd

on 16 August 2016

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Transcript of Tribute to Women Veterans

Amanda Carleton Thompson
U.S. Army
Conducted search and rescue following the September 11th terrorist attack.
Adriane Smith
U.S. Navy
Amanda Leigh DelFoss
U.S. Marine Corps
- Photos shared by Amanda's proud Marine Corps Father, Robert Franklin.
"My husband, Glenn, and I, both Navy Radiomen, were mobilized to active duty in London with Military Sealift Command, Europe, in support of the Gulf War. Ours was the first reserve unit in the country to be mobilized overseas."
Anita Maria Lopez
U.S. Navy
"Here's a picture of me and my baby Marissa at our first duty station together, Naval Air Station, Brunswick, Maine in the spring of 1977."
"Spring 1974. Near the end of basic training in Orlando, Florida, our company '77 went to Disney World."
"At Castine, Maine, in 1990, training with a Scott air pack. This photo was supposed to be in a Navy publication, but was rejected because my hair wasn't regulation (the pins fell out of my ponytail)."
"Maine Senator, Olympia Snowe, and Maine Governor, John McKernan (her husband), send me off with their contact information. September 1, 1990 - Navy Reserve Center, Bangor, Maine." 
"It was a tough time, but I'm so proud of my contribution, and I smile when I see a woman in a maternity uniform."
Anthelia Dawn Mason-Franklin
U.S. Navy
Anthelia Desiree Lovie
Air National Guard
"My oldest daughter, Anthelia Desiree Lovie, swearing in at Ft Jackson for the SC Air National Guard." - Photo shared by her proud Marine Corps father, Robert Franklin.
Bert Cunningham Leaverton
U.S. Army
"My sister [and me] in Iraq."
Bianca Simmons
U.S. Army
BreeAnn Campbell
Army National Guard
Cheryl Thaxton Cameron
U.S. Army
"I wasn't going to post but as I scrolled through I didn't see very many Marines so knew I had to post mine. With my recruiter who became a close family friend."
Chris Magnusson
U.S. Marine Corps

Christine Reel
U.S. Army

"A few of my favs!"
Cynita Worthington
U.S. Army
- Picture shared by Cynita's proud Army mother, Cheryl Thaxton Cameron (also featured here).
Cynitra T. Moses Anderson
U.S. Navy
"Me in basic training NTC Orlando, FL, Summer 1992."
Elaine Yacinski
U.S. Army
"My LTCOL promotion and me in Afghanistan in 2011. I retired from the AF in 2014 after 27yrs of combined service of Army enlisted and officer then finished out my career as a Nurse Practitioner in the AF."
Elis Salamone, LtCol(r), USAF, NC & Women's Health NP
U.S. Army & U.S. Air Force
"I'm in Saudi. Finally had a day off so went fishing. Sgt. Mecke 1992....".
Etta Mecke
U.S. Army
Gena Smith
U.S. Army
"Fort McClellan, AL, Fort Knox, KY, Fort Sam Houston, TX, Fort Jackson, SC.  After separation from the U.S. Army, I returned to service in my State Guard - Ohio. In May 2016- I resigned my commission with the Ohio Military Reserve. It has been my honor to serve the United States and the citizens of Ohio."
Ginger Mac
U.S. Army, Army National Guard
Haydee Figueroa
Women's Army Corps & U.S. Army
"[This] was somewhere in Germany. We [were on an] air mission. I was guarding that side and let the helicopter know that the area was secured and they can keep going through. HOOAH!"
Jasmine Jackson
U.S. Marine Corps
10 Years and counting...
 "My best friend, Rose, and me, 2000".
Jennifer Lynn
U.S. Navy
Jennifer Marie Keyser
U.S. Navy
"So long ago!!! 1986 at the Lackland Air Force Base Military Police School - at that time Marines went to school in Texas to be MPs. I was a hard charging Corporal in the Marine Corps."
Judith Estrada Garcia
U.S. Marine Corps
Kandi Marie Pike
U.S. Army
Karla Johnson and Karin Hansen
- Picture shared by Karla & Karin's proud fellow sister-in-arms, Terri Sutton, also featured here.
Kathy Craig
U.S. Air Force
"Basic Training, 1977".
Kayla Suggs
U.S. Army
Kelly Wahlers Parrott
U.S. Army
"Avionic Mechanic, now a nurse, going through treatment for cervical cancer and working toward powerlifting".
Lani Tucker
U.S. Army
"I like to share this picture because it's my mother's favorite picture. Taken in Germany while going to the field. I am a retired US Army MP".
LaRitza Hamby Garnder
U.S. Army
Manda Moore
U.S. Army
"I served 6 and a half years in the Army until I got pregnant with my second son, Jakoby. The Army changed my life... Thanks for recognizing women in the military, we don't get it that often."
Maria Lawson
U.S. Navy

"Me and [one] of my sisters after boot camp. Little sister joined 3 yrs later. The 3 Gillespie sisters."
"Fellow sailors".
"Standing watch".
"Deployment in the Caribbean".
"USS Stephen W Groves".
Mary Scott Johnson
U.S. Navy
Melanie Hill Keas
U.S. Air Force
"Me---Afghanistan, 2006".
"Me again---Afghanistan, 2006 with my gang".
Melissa Robinson
U.S. Army
Cynthia Shingles
U.S. Army
- Photo shared by Cynthia's proud Marine Corps nephew, Michael Bradley.
Andrea Salmon
U.S. Army
- Photo shared by Andrea's proud Marine Corps brother-in-law, Michael Bradley.
Nadia Zullo
U.S. Navy & U.S. Army
"'A' school".
"My reenlistment".
"And this happened about 2 decades ago.... The infamous dress blues pic at basic....".
Nina Nelson
U.S. Navy
"Me. Army Basic Training, 1990".
Rhonda Mack
U.S. Army

Rhonda Thee Muratori
U.S. Marine Corps

"Me and my bunky, Melissa Veal Yanto, right after bootcamp graduation and my boot camp pic... 1981".
Sadé Nichole
U.S. Navy
Sally Rejas
U.S. Army
"SGT Perez (now Rejas) in Kuwait 2005".
"SFC Sandra Sykes with her son, Alan, Recruiter School Graduation."
Sandra Sykes
U.S. Army
- Photo shared by Sandra's proud Army husband, Terry Sykes.
"1978, Ft. Sill, OK... I loved my time in the Army".
"Rhien-Main Air Base, heading back to the world, 1983"
Sara Marcy
U.S. Army
"Enlisting in the Army".
"Patrol in poppy fields".
"Teaching soccer".
"Predeployment picture with [my] son".
"Predeployment picture with [my] children".
"On patrol".
"Retirement Ceremony".
Sevrine Banks
U.S. Army
Sherry Johnson-Pennington
U.S. Navy
"Boot Camp".
"Out with the fleet".
Susan Maddux
U.S. Air Force
"Tech School, 1988".
"Jet Engine Mechanic, 1990".
"YN2 USN, receiving my Navy Achievement Medal".
Suzi Vinci
U.S. Navy
"Sitting in the friendship tower in Korea on the DMZ".
Suzy Friedly
U.S. Air Force
"Me and my favorite aircraft!"
Teri Poulton
U.S. Air Force
Terri Sutton
U.S. Army
"This [is] me & my hubbie".
"This is me!!"
Tina Kendall
U.S. Air Force & U.S. Army
"Bosnia '96, Iraq '03, Iraq '06, and Afghanistan '10".
Tonya Love
U.S. Army
Tonya Perry
U.S. Army
"Myself. Army."
"My ride over at Camp Anaconda/Balad Air Base 2004"
This plaque is posted at the Northwest Florida Regional Airport in Valparaiso, FL.
Tyler A. Holmes
U.S. Navy
"Summer 2014, 6years post-retirement, at my son's boot camp graduation, at Fort Jackson.  #navypride #sailor4life #armystrongmom".
"Here is my USAF Basic Training [picture] 1976... retired as SMSgt".
Colleen Campbell
U.S. Air Force
" Me, 4F091 Aeromedical Specialist, F-106 ride."
"Here's me in the F-16.. good times, good times...!"
Rebekah Lloyd
U.S. Army

"Funeral Detail, Ft. Drum, NY, 2010".
"With my Father at the Redployment Ceremony, Ft. Drum, NY, 2010".
"Flying out of Afghanistan!"
"South Korea, 2013".
Colleen Campbell
U.S. Air Force
"Me, 4F091 Aeromedical Specialist, F-106 ride"
"Here's me in the F-16.. good times, good times...!"
"Here is me again, my USAF Basic Training [picture], 1976, retired as SMSgt".
A Salute to Women Veterans
Featuring Women Veterans From the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, and Women's Army Corps
Photos shared by Anthelia's proud Marine Corps husband, Robert Franklin.
Vera Berry
U.S. Army
Thank you to each woman who has stepped up to serve her country. Your service and sacrifice is not forgotten.
Thank you to all of the women who shared their pictures and stories for this project. Highlighting your service has truly been an honor.

Special thanks to the men and women who helped ensure their wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, and friends were also honored in this tribute.

Compiled by: Rebekah Lloyd

Featuring: Freedom Fighter by Rhonda McCullough

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