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chrome vs. firefox

No description

elijah peavy

on 16 August 2016

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Transcript of chrome vs. firefox

Chrome Advantages.
What all the pros use.
add logo
Chrome is an older browser.
It is a part of google.
Make your browser how you desire it to look.
Slower but cooler.
chrome vs. firefox
five tips on each
1. Firefox
use as default browser.
Easy to customize.
Can open more tabs.
it is free
2. Chrome
very neat.
Easy to use.
Allows you get get apps.
you can play games.
Firefox Advantages
Easy to customize.
better privacy.
can open lots of tabs and extensions.
Firefox Disadvantages
Slower internet.
Crashes a lot.
Doesn't have as many big features as Chrome.
Chrome Disadvantages
not customizable.
not good privacy.
crashes a lot.
difference between search engine and browser.
With the browser you can type in something simular to what you are looking for. While on a search engine you have to be specific.
what would i choose
I would choose chrome
because it is faster.
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