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Business Improvement Proposal

No description

john coglan

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Business Improvement Proposal

Business Improvement Proposal
Mission Statement
Our mission is to successfully strategize the implementation requirements and the tangible and intangible benefits of Social Technologies, to stimulate and nurture effective collaboration, open communication channels and the ability to share tacit knowledge.
Proposed Activities
Culture & Behavioral changes
Facilities, Resources and Project Management
Project Rationale
Goals and
Using Social Media to Connect
organizational structure re-arrangement
business growth
work performance improvement
ICT technology migration
Cost and Return on Investment
Cost Savings
Searching not finding 3.5 (weekly average hours per worker)
Re-creating content 3.0 (weekly average hours per worker)
Publishing from multiple applications 2.8 (weekly average hours per worker)
Controlling versions 2.2 (weekly average hours per worker)
This graph shows the savings that are achievable at the end of the first year.
We also investigated this return over a 5 year period.
To calculate the ROI certain assumptions were made, these assumptions are listed in the table below:
To meet the Governments mandate
Met the RTI requirements
Provide community engagement.
Reduce duplication time wasting tasks.
Improve communication and collaboration

Detail Objectives
enhance efficiency of collaboration
keep the working activities well-informed
extent interconnection between sectors
ease staff-training program
crow-source ideas
improve social recognition
maintain relationship with public
track talent or experienced workforce
adjust marketing strategies and service development
gain feedback more effectively
share service info and intellectual info
The data collected here was collated form “The Business Case for Enterprise Collaboration – Oracle” and the International Data Corporation (IDC).
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