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on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of oklahoma

economic location

axis exploration L.L.C. oil company
political location
oklahoma city
geographical location
historic location
by Izzy
fun facts
did you know that oklahoma is big in oil
also oklahoma preduces every fossil fuel to power cars and every thing that needs it
another thing is that oklahoma preduses timber and uses it to make furniture
also the crops they preduse is wheat, corn, and peaches
in 2009 a rare torado came and killed 9 people and destroyed dozens of homes
in the 1900s oil was found near OK city
in 1928 OK preduced 6,500 barrels of oil every day
in the 1900's people found fields of black gold
there are many trees in oklahoma like the oak and pine in the east
in the west it is treeles and the rest is plains
also they have many swamps
oklahoma is the 20th largest state
the capital is Oklahoma city
the obreveation is OK
they have 77 counties
101 reperseniteves
road map
phisical map
political map
there are main oil rigs near here[fields of black gold]
this is the capital biulding
there used to be a different state capital but it changed in 1910
1.the state capitals name used to be Guthrie,Oklahoma
2.its nickname is the sooner state
they have the only oil rigs in there state capital in the u.s.a.
the other capital started in 1889 and stayed till 1910
3.no humans can own more than 2 adult cats
4.no walking backwards in downtown wile eating a hamburger
5. it is illegal to own a stink bomb
6.it is illegal to lean against a publuic biulding
7.it is illegal to wash clothes in a bird bath
Oklahoma city natinal morial
this is the Oklahoma national mamorial
it honers victems,
it honers survivors,
it honers rescures
and it honers all the the people who were efected by the Oklahoma city bombing on April 19,1995
since it opened there has been abou 6,000,000 visitors
it is over 80 years old
the out door part is open every day of the year 24 hours every day
8.it has the most man made lakes in amarica
it is located in Tulsa,OK
it was formed in 1995
it has over 200 wells
its adress is 15 w. 6th street suite 2350
9.the state animal is bison
10.the state lizard is the collard lizard
the great salt plains
they hav thousands of acres of salt
fun location
the have a lake that is sarounded by the thousands of acres
they have salt at the surfece but the most salt lies beneath the surfice
also the salt usualy forms in groups
it is very very intertainig
they have a canal thaty goes aroud bricktown
also you take a boat and it will drop you of any were you want
also it is located in the capital ity Oklahoma city,OK
brick town
axis exploraion L.L.C oil company to oklahoma city natinal mamorial is106 miles
from oklahoma city natinal mamorial to oklahoma city capital building is 2.2 miles
from the oklahoma city to thre great salt plains is 142 miles
from the great salt plains to brick town is 144 miles
from brick town to wce is 670 miles
the toatal road trip distance is 1,064.2
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