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Julius Caesar Act 1 Summary

A summary of Act I of Julius Caesar

Zach Vaughn

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Julius Caesar Act 1 Summary

Act 1 Summary Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare Scene 1 The play opens in Ancient Rome. Normally a republic ruled by a senate, Rome has been under the control of a dictator, former senator and beloved general, Julius Caesar. Not everyone is celebrating - some think Caesar doesn't deserve the praise... The government send the cheering crowds away - especially in light of the fact that the man he defeated (Pompey) was trying to keep Caesar from becoming Dictator for Life! They go so far as to removing all of the holiday decorations; just in case anyone might think they are there to celebrate Caesar! A street in Rome Scene II The superstitious Caesar believes that if Calpurnia is touched by a runner in the games, she will be blessed with a son in order for him to have an heir. A soothsayer or fortune teller stops Caesar, warning him to beware of the Ides of March (the 15th) Cassius starts to convince Caesar's close friend and former supporter Brutus to join him in planning to do something about the dictator... The "lean and hungry" Cassius is angry that Caesar's power is growing - Caesar's close friend and former supporter Brutus is worried as well, but less about the power Caesar is gaining and more about the effect on the Republic of Rome. Caesar notices Cassius and Brutus talking but in his hubris or arrogance, Caesar dismisses Cassius and Brutus pull another noble man, Casca aside to explain the cheering of the crowd. Cassius starts to pull together a conspiracy against Caesar, that can only work if Brutus joins - Cassius plots to convince him... The nobles are shocked at the behavior of the crowd and at the ability of Caesar to manipulate the people into loving him more by "refusing" the crown. Caesar is clearly manipulating the crowd - the people who love their Republic and hate kings so love Caesar that they are willing to give him the crowd. That night, strange weather on the streets of Rome Scene III Casca experiences strange weather and sees what he feels are omens, like the lion, that mean that the gods are angry with the people for trying to crown Caesar. Cassius and Casca agree to meet other noble Romans who do not want Caesar to become king and plan to stop him, with violence, if necessary... The conspirators agree that Brutus, the most noble-hearted of them and most loved by the people, is vital to the success of their plot and plan.
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