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Mythology in Modern Life

No description

Ryan Sommerkamp

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Mythology in Modern Life

Double click anywhere & add an idea Mythology In Modern Life This presentaion will show many of the different Mythological references you can find in everyday life Amazon A huge online bookstore Xena the Amazon Warrior princess Wonder Woman is a famous comic book character. Her character was born among Amazon warriors. Mythological phrases people use everyday Achilles Heel
Refers to the weak spot on the great greek warrior of Achilles that eventually killed him
We use this phrase now a days point out a persons weak spot that could cause failure
A Herculean task
Refers to the Greek hero of Hercules that had to overcome many seemingly impossible tasks that only he could do
We use it today to describe a task that is very difficult for one person to do
Pandora's Box
Refers to the Greek myth were the first woman opened a box she wasn't suppose to and let war, pain, illness, and all evil into the world
We use it today to describe a small insignificant action that could release many unwanted reprecussions
Centaurs are greek mythological beasts that are half horse, half man. Centaurs Popular TV show Futurama has references to Centaurs Centaurs are a big part of C.S. Lewis's "The Chronicles of Narnia" Dale from the movie "Step Brothers" has dreams about being a centaur Titans Titans were a powerful race of deities in greek mythology that ruled during the legendary Golden Age The Tennessee Titans are an NFL football team that took the name of the greek deities "Remember the Titans" is a classic movie about a high school football team. The high school's mascot was the Titan A popular cartoon show "Teen Titans" is a show with a bunch of teenagers with superpowers A mythological group of fierce warrior women Mythology in Video Games Mythology references can be found all over the world of video games. Places There cities in our own state of Missouri that are named after mythological people or places Helena, Mo Vulcan, Mo Troy, Mo Fortuna, Mo Aurora, Mo Atlanta, Mo Arcadia, Mo Cars Many car manufactures are named after greek or roman gods. Also some of their cars are names after mythological characters Honda Odyssey Mercury Car Manufacture Auto maintance and Repair Oldsmobile Aurora College Mascots Many college mascots are named after mythological creatures and gods Griffins Fontbonne University Phoenix Wilson College Titans Westminister College Golden Rams Albany State University Centaurs Allentown College Athenians Mount Saint Mary's College Tritons Eckerds College
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