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No description

David Mathews

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of POE BP

One of the earliest examples post-war, automobile-oriented retail mall

Opened October 11, 1951: J.C. Penny, Sears, Joseph Magnin, Woolworth’s, Lucky's

1985 the Macerich Company (Santa Monica, CA) purchased from original developer, Graeme MacDonald.

Renamed the Broadway-Walnut Creek Shopping Center: “Broadway Plaza”

10-year renovation: Parking area replaced w/Pedestrian Pathways, Shops, Restaurant and a Fountain (around 1990).

Renovations designed by Field/Gruzen Associated Architects, San Francisco, who also designed Paseo Nuevo in Santa Barbara

Nordstrom undertook a major renovation late 2010, and a new Neiman Marcus store opened in March, 2012
Walnut Creek, CA
11.7.12 BROADWAY
PLAZA David Mathews Leonie Meima Arran Schultz HISTORY + BACKGROUND Where is Broadway Plaza? Broadway Plaza Street Mt. Diablo Blvd. Stream / creek path Stream / creek Parking structure Parking structure Parking structure Proposed closure Traffic flow South Broadway Street South Main Street Macy’s Nordstroms Broadway Plaza Traffic Options To Create Pedestrian Friendly Expanded Plaza Stream / creek XXXX Road? Highway? Former agricultural area Current site of Nordstroms Stream / creek Walnut Creek Demographics 55+ 55+ 13-20 13-20

+Add more Comfortable Seating for Elderly
+Improve Handicap Seating Options
+Provide Covered Seating Area for Inclement Weather RECOMMENDATIONS Widen the User Base Close Roadway to Vehicular traffic +Reduce Plaza Air Pollution and Noise
+Area for Farmers Market or Art Festival
+Increase Seating + add Moveable Chairs and Tables

Observe + Evaluate BP Fountain Current Uses

Assess Project Success given Historical Perspective

Define User Groups + Assess use by different Demographics

Improve Usability for under-represented groups

Establish Benchmark Data

Provide Recommendations based upon Observations CONCLUSION The Broadway Plaza Fountain is Popular + Well Used. It is a Great Improvement over the Parking Lot that predated it.

There are Groups who do not use the space but could be Enticed with Certain Modifications OBJECTIVES Broadway Plaza Site 1939 Friday September 20 Walnut Creek, CA Broadway Plaza Fountain 'Broadway-Walnut Creek Shopping Center' 1951 Broadway Plaza The Foutain Plaza Post Occupancy
Evaluation Thank you!
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