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Introduction To Judaism

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Sarah Hollingum

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Introduction To Judaism

And Finally Judaism Every week the Jews celebrate God's creation of the world. Because God rested on the 7th day (the Sabbath), they keep this day holy. Its a day when the family get together and they don't do any work. It begins at sunset on Friday evening and ends at sunset on Saturday. Before the Sabbath, Jews clean their houses and make the Sabbath meal. On the Sabbath they do not work so everything has to be prepared early. It is a very special day. The History of Judaism The Sabbath Interview... I would like you to write down in your books two things you learnt this lesson, and one thing that you didn't understand as much. To learn basic facts about Judaism In pairs I would like you to write an interview as if you are interviewing a Jewish boy about his religion.

Make sure you include what the Sabbath is like and also the important places, clothing and objects in a Jew's life. Jewish people believe that their faith started with one person - a man called Abram. they call him the father of the Jews. He lived nearly 4000 years ago and at that time the poeple worshipped many gods, but Abram came to believe that there was only 1 true god. We will look more at the story of Abram in a few weeks.

The Jews believe that there is only 1 God who cares about the world that he made and listens when people pray. Jews believe that they have a special relationship with God. They believe that God gave them special laws to obey and that if they keep the laws then god will look after them.

The Jewish holy book is called the Torah. In the synagogue this is kept in a place called the Ark written on a big scroll.

The Jews believe that a Messiah will come. Which religion believes that the Messiah has already come?
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