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The Road Ahead

No description

Heather Glazebrook

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of The Road Ahead

What is Genetics?
Is everything about you written in your DNA?
People argue that you become who you are because of how you grew up (nurture). Is this really true?

Does your DNA (nature) play a part of who you are?
Do you think you would be different if....

- you were raised by another family?

- if you were the opposite sex?

- had more money or a better house?

- more or less siblings?

- if you were a twin?
What does the scientist say?
What else can nature control?
In genetics, nature refers to what is written in your DNA.

Your DNA is the instructions to make everything about you.

So, what can happen if your DNA goes
? Do you want a mutant power?
DNA gone wild!
So, how was DNA found?
What do you think DNA really look like
without a microscope?
The Road Ahead

Students will analyze how biological traits are passed on
to successive generations.
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