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Concept Art,

No description

derek gillespie

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Concept Art,

Bringing your dreams to life Concept Artistry Concept art is a form of illustration where the main goal is to convey the representation of an idea for a video game, movie, animation, etc. before it is moved to the final product. (also referred to as visual development) What is Concept Art ? A concept artist is the person who is made responsible for the proper generation of the idea. What is a Concept Artist? In more recent years, concept artistry has moved more into the digital field. With advancements in such programs as Corel Painter and Photoshop, anything can be put into digital form. Along with the use of digital tablets, it creates an even more real artistic experience. How has concept art changed over the years? What kinds of concept art are there? There are generally two kinds of concept art, Character/ Creature design and environmental design. What is Character Design? Character design is the creation of a certain character or creature that will go to final product of the game or movie. Character design is very important in terms of getting the character's qualities and peculiarities down on paper. Just a few examples of Character Art What is Environmental Design? Environmental design is primarly used for video games, and animated movies. Its the design of the environment/world that the characters and creatures will be interacting with. In this type of design it is very important to match your characters well with the environment and to portray the proper mood of the characters surroundings. Just a few examples of Environmental Art The main goal is to create a complete cohesive world, filled with characters/ creatures that belong in that world. It is a must for these two concepts to be created with the other in mind. Never Forget It's All About
Progression Concept art is not a one step process, but rather a many stepped process that will lead you closer and closer to your final product. Your first design will not always be your finished piece, it takes time. Very Important! You must have artistic talent for this profession. Its the kind of field that requires an advanced artistic eye for detail and ability to create original and thoughtful ideas. Never Stop Creating Let your ideas and dreams flourish and thrive, you never know where you might end up in the world
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