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Writers, Poets, and Themes of 1920's

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Tyler Schultz

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Writers, Poets, and Themes of 1920's

Writers, Poets, and Themes of the 1920's
The Roaring Twenties (1920's)
The Roaring Twenties, otherwise known as the Jazz age, was a decade centered on extreme cultural characteristics. The time period was filled with charisma, from politics to parties. During the Jazz age, major cities filled with prosperous economic activity. This new day in age revolved around the new found extreme lifestyles of the upper-class, in which men and women enjoyed wild parties, alcoholism, lust, and energy filled days.
William Faulkner
William Faulkner was an American Writer, Nobel Prize winner and graduate from Oxford University. He is considered as the Southern Renaissance's most influential and well known writer. The drama in Faulkner's novels is built on the actual, historical drama extending over almost a century and a half.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald was a 1920's writer who's first novel got him the title as one of the best authors of the Jazz Age. During his life, he completed for novels and a wide variety of short stories. One of Fitzgerald's most famous novels today remains The Great Gatsby, published in 1925. The novel includes a twisted love story taking place in the 1920's lifestyle.
The Roaring Twenties were filled with a multitude of social changes in America, including new writings. Through literature written in the 1920's, we are able to comprehend the ideas believed in the decade. From great literature to new music forms, the Roaring Twenties changed our lives today.
Authors of the 1920's
Ernest Hemingway
Poets of the 1920's
Langston Hughes
Themes of the 1920's
Ernest Hemingway was an American journalist and author. Hemingway wrote seven novels, along side a multitude of short stories and articles. In his free time, Hemingway spent much of his time big-game hunting and fishing. Hemingway died from a self-inflicted wound, thought most likely to be suicide.
Robert Frost
Langston Hughes was an American poet who often expressed the hardships and difficulties of the negro population through his poems, articles, and column writings. Hughes is often considered the creator of "Jazz Poetry", which is poetry expressing jazz-like qualities and rhythms.
An American poet who was most well known for his ability to give incredible imagery of the country side and settings.
The theme of most 1920's literature was about the new found "boundless" lifestyles. The depiction of these new ways of living is considered to be the breakthrough of past social doings. Though this was a popular theme of most 1920's literature, other themes included: "separation of meanings and senses from the context", wars effect on humanity, scandals and much more.
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