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Nick Granitzski

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of China

What Challenges does China face that might inhibit its rise to power?
What are Geopolitical Consequences and Relations due to their rise?
Past 10 years, developed military power
Military spending increased from 1.6% in 1989 to 7.6% in 2008
Modernizing naval and air forces
By 2015, they are predicted to be the first country in East Asia to have aircraft carriers

Considered a communist state
But elections held are free and universal open to all qualified 18-year-olds
Poverty (Gov. Controlled)
13% of population below poverty line
Gov. lifted 620 million people out of poverty
New Policies + Advances
Business is now open to private owners with less gov. control
Technology and Education are leading industries; both advanced
Religion; diverse

By: Nick Granitzski, Karen Plate, Katelyn Miller, Kaeleigh Fox
Labor force
High above US and BRICS, almost double; runner up - India
Unemployment rate - 6.4% (US 8.29%)
Inflation Rate
only 6%
above the US
No one else is even close
Double the exports of the US
Most exports in the world
The GDP has an average growth of 10% over the past 20 years.
Second largest economy in the world, after the US
Is the world's largest manufacturer

Military Concerns
Since China is growing globally, they must have a large national economic security and military to protect it.
Many countries are nervous as China's military grows stronger and more technologically advanced.
Large Government funding started two decades ago
Still have yet to have a threatning military
Rapid industrialization
Affecting biophysical environment
Countryside more polluted due to more industrial expansion
Posing severe health risks for the Chinese
China is aware
Wen Jiabao, the Premier of the People's Republic of China, made 48 references to "environment," "pollution," and "environmental protection", and stricter environmental regulations were subsequently implemented
No significant progress made
Polluting industries continued to receive inexpensive access to land, water, electricity, oil, and bank loans
Poor government regulations on environment = unsafe food and products
Negative Views
Been creating problems with their surrounding neighbors
South China Sea (natural resources & connection between Indian and Pacific Oceans) China claimed as their own territory
Caused more problems with trade
With Japan:
Cancelled diplomatic meetings
Cut materials
Demanded apologies
China's Perspective
Claims to be peaceful + wants friendly relations
Boost relations with developed countries, seek common ground, + want to resolve disputes
Make full relations with Russia
Work close on international affairs
Business ties tight
On issues w/ Japan on trust + investments:
Want to sign treaties
Long ties with African countres
friendship, sincerity, equality, mutual benefuit, common prosperity
Want world economy + society to grow
Claims to want multipolar world
Over-reliance on fixed investments and exporting for economic growth.
China's GDP has risen rapidly while the chinese household wealth hasn't seemed to rise at the same rate.
Standard of Living
Sustaining adequate job growth for millions of individuals and new generations in the work force
Current working generation is large; as it diminishes, the younger population might not be able to fill it
Cooperation on issues like Korean nuclear missiles, Iranian missiles, and anti-terrorism
Chances of direct conflict are low
Hope to have more cooperation in the relationship
Nations are mutually dependent
foreign policy
It would be a disaster if they separated
China's large holdings in the US national treasury helps our federal government fiances and its budget deficits
China sees it as the U.S. is attacking whenever we disagree on something
The U.S. wants to incorporate China as an equal superpower, but China wants to dominate
U.S. claims that China is buying products, stealing ideas, then selling them for cheaper
China claims that the U.S. is spying on their citizens over the internet
Disagree on who will be the superpower in the future
What is this country's relationship with the United States like today?
There is much stress and tension between these two nations, as they compete to see who will emerge above the other
Positive Views
Good terms with the European Union
Strong power in UN
Want work with other nations
Top manufacturer and exporter of foreign goods
In past decade, imported $687 billion goods every year
Has created 14 million jobs in other countries
2000-2009: China contributed over 20% of world's GDP growth

**Many of these issues stem from:
incomplete transition to a free market economy
imbalances because the government's goal is economic growth at all costs
Why is China considered to be one of the world's current rising powers?
Video: China's Rising Power Status
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