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IT Career Pathways - By Sam Chung

No description

Sam Chung

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of IT Career Pathways - By Sam Chung

A good background in writing code, programming
Be up to date with current software/tools
Analytical Skills
Communication Skills
Team Work
Problem Solving Skills
Technical Skills
High Concentration
Customer Service Skills (Ability to talk to customers about how the software works)
IT Career Pathways
Computer Programmer
Computer programmers write code to create software programs. They work alongside Software Developers and engineers and program the instructions a computer has to follow.
Networking or System Administrator
Description: A job where a person creates, maintains, or completely designs a network or web page.
Day to Day:
Important Traits:
- Good Ethics
- Network Management Skills
- Analytical Skills
- Decision Making Skills
- Communication Skills
- Multi-tasking Skills
- Problem-Solving Skills
- Enthusiasm
- Commitment to quality
Day to Day:
Determine prerequisites of the network
Set up, troubleshoot & maintain a corporate network
Maintain the system security and ensure everything is operating correctly
Monitor the network's performance, collect & analyze data in order to improve it.
Train users on the use of the hardware and software
Solve problems when a user or the computer has an issue.
Maintenance of the business's website and intranet
Understand the infrastructure of the network
Scripting and Light amounts of programming for system related projects.
A degree in System Administration
Bachelor's Degree in Computer or Information Science
A degree in Computer Engineering or Electrical engineering which typically include computer programming, networking or systems designs classes.
There are many sorts of certifications and individual may obtain in order to give himself an advantage when job-seeking such as:
MSCA (Microsoft)
CCIE (Cisco)
CCNA (Cisco)
MSCE (Microsoft)
RHCE (Red Hat)
Create Graphics & 3D animations for software, programs, games, movies and web pages (such as Prezi).
Develop concepts, graphics, and layouts for product illustrations, company logos and the website
Work with client proposals
Scripting with programs such as Flash
Working with programs such as Autodesk, Google Sketchup or any other related software.
Degrees in the respective fields of:
- Advertising and marketing communications
- Animation
- Communication Design
- Digital Media Engineering
- Media Arts
- Multimedia Systems/Web Engineering
- Photography
- Visual Communication and Design

Excellent IT Skills
Accurate, high attention to detail
Understand the latest trends
Professional approach to deadlines
Competent in Design and use of image processing software
Ability to script in numerous programs
Software Developers
Software developers are the brains behind computer programs. They are responsible for developing applications that allow people to do tasks.
3D Animation or Graphic Designer
Description: A job where you can design and create graphics or 3D animations for software programs, games, movies & web pages.
Day to Day:
Analyze user's needs
Design, Test & Develop Software to meet those needs
Create diagrams eg. Flowcharts, to aid programmers in writing the code
Collaborate with other computer specialists to develop an optimal software
Ensure software functionality through regular maintenance and debugging checks
Recommend software upgrades for customers
Typically a software developer would have a degree in:
Computer Science
Software Engineering
*Most of these are Bachelors Degrees but some employers may prefer a Masters
It is important to have:
Typical Pay: $69,160
Typical Pay: $90,530
Typical Pay: $48,730
Typical Pay: $71,380
Day to Day:
Write programs in a variety of computer languages eg. (C++ and Java)
Debug and Test programs; fix errors
Build and use tools to automate writing of some code
Use libraries of code to simplify the writing process.
Work with analysts and designers
Research and examine current systems
Common degrees for a computer programmer include:
Computer Science and Engineering
Post Graduates IT Conversion Course
Technical Post Graduates Degree
Analytical Skills
Problem Solving Skills
Detail Orientated
Troubleshooting Skills
By Sam Chung

By Sam Chung
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