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African Face Painting

No description

Kadi Coleman

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of African Face Painting

Uses For Face Painting
Face Painting is a very sacred thing to the native
african tribe's religion.
African Stereotyping
African Face Painting
By: Kadi Coleman


What the Colors Mean
Color Meaning Quiz
Your Mini Tribe
In each tribe there is a different meaning for the colors.
Black: *power, evil, death, mystery
OR *living, warm, war preparations
Gray: *security, authority, maturity, stability
Purple: *royalty, luxury, wisdom, passion
Yellow: *joy, energy, warmth
*death, old bones
only worn when mourning
a man who has lived his life and now will fight to the death
More Color meanings
Red: *danger, urgency, war
OR *daring and energetic
Blue: *peace, calmness, confidence,
Green: *life, growth, freshness,
The Difference Between Our Two Cultures
There are so many differences between our two cultures. When you look at some of the native African customs they might look weird to you. What about their point of view?
After my face painting example you will team up: 1 table= 1 team
I am going to give you a tribe situation
You will be given 10-15 minutes to paint each other's
faces with my Prezi's info
If you participate well you will get candy
Our standards are to cover up our upper body
Africans sometimes do not: during tribal ceremonies
We face paint for fun and with no symbolism (sometimes)
Africans take face painting very seriously-most times
We have different clothing style and jewelry- charm bracelet
They wear elaborate beaded collars and material clothes
People here in America think that African people are weird and
different. They dress, dance, speak, and look very different than us.
White: *hope, purity, peace,
coolness, light
When you look at these pictures ,what goes through your head?
You may think one is wrong and very disturbing.
You may think the other looks cool and very manly.

But these are ordinary people raised in their own ordinary culture, just like us.
We are exactly like them. We just have a different background and culture.
Each of ours

Look at this person. What do you think is happening in their life right now?
Musgrove, Margaret. Ashanti to Zulu African Traditions. Hong Kong: Wing King Tong Company Ltd., 1976. Print.
Ayo, Yvonne. Africa. New York:Dorling Kindersley, 2000. Print.
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