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Random facts about me

This slide show shows a few random things that i like or about me that you may not have known.

koryssa pellerine

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Random facts about me

Random things you may not know about me. St. Patricks is my favorite holiday because
green is my favorite colour. My favorite food is ice cream! I care about all of my friends VERY much! I'm SCARED of spiders!! I just dyed my hair black with pink streaks. I have got a dog like this, her name is Meah. I have got a black cat named Purkens. I hate needles!! This is my friend Sydnee and me. This is Sydnee and my best friend Kirsten. I <3 (LOVE) the Twilight Saga!! A LOT. My eyes change colour. I am 15 years old. I want to be a kindergarten teacher when i grow up. I think this is kinda funny. I love shoes.
This is my future husband. JUST KIDDING. i wish...<3 Hedley is my favorite band!! Marianas Treanch is my 2nd favorite band. I also really like the song wavin' flag. This is another 1 of my favorite songs by then called "Dont
Talk to Strangers"- By Hedley This is 1 of my favorite songs called "Perfect"- By Hedley It is song by Canadian artists. And be a foster mother for teens. Wavin falg
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