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woot woot


Missy Burris

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of woot woot


In what type of habitats do
What do black-tailed gulls eat
and where do they find their food? 111.
In what places do black-tailed
gulls often travel? madison was here...nd <3s u oh so much! :) the
end!! 1. black-tailed gulls live in? black-tailed gull black-tailed gull black-tailed gull black-tailed gull black-tailed gull black-tailed gull black-tailed gull black-tailed gull black-tailed gull black-tailed gull Black-tailed gulls are animals whose primary home is Japan. In fact, they are the most commonly seen seabird there!

According to Mark Rauzon, they have migrated throughout China and rarely have been spotted near the tip of North America.

Their colonies are usually in swampy areas such as wetlands and along coastlines.

A popular spot for nesting is along the Yellow River in China!
Black-tailed gulls eat a diet of mostly small fish, mollusks (sea clams), and crustaceans (a type of crab).

They usually find their food near fishing boats, ship docks, and along ocean shores!

Also, they are competitive and typically fight for or steal their food from other seabirds! :D They enjoy flying near bodies of water and fishing boats in search for food. Although, black-tailed gulls are commonly seen around cities and shopping districts as well.

A small portion of black-tailed gulls have been seen in Canada and northern states such as North Dakota, Alaska, and Michigan.

Black-tailed gulls like traveling to beaches, shorelines, and anywhere with warm weather!

Also, they travel in flocks of several hundreds.

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