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Females Wanted:

Intramural Institute Presentation

Ashley Lax

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Females Wanted:

A look at the Numbers
We looked at 22 institutions in Region 2, 3 and 4
Barriers to Inclusion
Lack of opportunity
Lack of positive examples/role models
Stereotype of male vs female gender roles
Lack of quality candidate pools
Regional/National Implications
Theory to Action: Patty Suarez
Is there even a problem?
Breaking Barriers
start, develop, finish
Females Wanted:
Strategies for creating a welcoming environment in your IM Sports program
By Shane Land, Ashley Lax and Victoria Landron
Learning Objectives
Bring awareness to the current trend of female student employees/leadership in Intramural Sports
Discuss potential barriers that may exist for females in IM programs and the sports industry
Identify methods for breaking barriers and creating a more welcoming atmosphere
OUr stories
Shane land, Asst. Director, Central Florida
Experience at UCF
DeVos Business Management Program
Ashley Lax, Coordinator, Wisconsin-Madison
Began in IM basketball
GAship at UCF
Moved to WI in June 13
Only female officiating basketball in Madison area
One of handful officiating in WI
1st female to officiate at most schools I worked
Support system and welcoming environment
Tori Landron, Graduate Assistant, Louisiana State
Give opportunity
Balance challenge vs failure
More involvement
Continue to challenge
Provide opportunities to develop at next level
Be intentional
Take initiative
Be encouraging
Patty the official
shy, reserved, not good in conflict
average official, showed up on time
worked hard, wanted to get better
Patty the leader
worked 105 basketball games, earned finals, official of the year sophomore year
applied for supervisor end of sophomore year
applied and did not receive lead position junior year
challenged her with opportunities
assistant to all-tournament committee for 2013 NCCS Flag Football nationals
attended Region 2 and ERSL conference
officiating camps, national basketball tournament
earned promotion to lead and programming assistant senior year
Patty the campus rec pro
challenged at a higher level
held to a higher standard
AVG leadership staff: 24
AVG Male Leadership: 15 (65%)
AVG Female Leadership: 9 (35%)

AVG Male IM Employee: 80 (67%)
AVG female IM employee: 38 (33%)

AVG male enrollment: 49%
AVG female enrollment: 51%
Biggest things we noticed:
Disparity starts at lowest level of IM employment
Medium sized schools have the most balanced staffs
Almost every university has a higher female enrollment than males
Avg Large Institution #s
71% Leadership staff is male
71% IM employees are male

Avg Medium Institution #s
53% Leadership staff is male
52% IM Employees are male

Avg Small Institution #s
77% Leadership staff is male
73% IM employees are male
Continue development on campus level
Have awareness
Committees and officials selection
Environment and situation
Avg Number of Female on committee: 2 (15%)
AVG Tournament Female officials: 2 (6%)
Avg Total Females at Tournaments: 5 (10%)
In Summary
Average females in IMs on campus approx. 30%
Average females at tournaments approx. 10%
Need for intentional recruiting, selection and promotion of females for more accurate reflection
Need to create more inclusive environment in IM programs to encourage females to continue officiating at higher levels
Cycle starts at the bottom, efforts on campus will be reflected at the regional/national level
Was hired as a basketball official
IMs became family
ISIT program
Dodgeball incident
My mentors
Progression through the program
Now GA for sport programs at LSU
Any others you have experienced or can think of?
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