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Allison's awesome Prezi on Photography

Lana Polzin

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Photography

Photography Very First Photographs Later Photographs Ansel Adams Mathew Brady Dorthea Lange Fun Facts And now... Photography has changed a lot over the years. Photography is a hobby and career of many people. It is easy and fun to do. When photography was just starting out, it was not so easy. Photography has gone through a lot, but has improved in many ways. The first photograph was taken in 1826 by Nicephore Niepce. He took it of the backyard of his house. Unfortunately, his photo was lost and is now sadly gone. What you've all been waiting for... Have you ever seen a movie? Millions of people watch movies and T.V. shows every year. Many people record videos. Today, we can take videos with just the click of a button. But back when the first moving picture was taken, it wasn’t so easy. The first moving picture was taken in 1877 by Edward Muybridge. It was taken to settle a bet. The bet was between two men, one of whom thought that when horses ran, they took all feet off the ground, and the other of whom thought that they always had at least one foot on the ground. Muybridge used 12 cameras with trip wires that, when the horse tugged on them, would snap a picture. When Muybridge played all 12 photos really fast, it created the first moving picture, proving that horses do indeed take all four feet off of the ground when galloping. Kodak is a very well known company today. Almost everybody knows its name. What most people don’t know is how long ago the first Kodak camera was invented. The first Kodak camera was released in 1888. It was created by George Eastman. The first Polaroid camera was released in 1947. It was invented by Edwin H. Land. He invented this camera because one day, his three year old daughter asked why she couldn’t see herself immediately after the picture was taken. He had already invented sheet polarizers and sold these under the Polaroid name. The original name for the Polaroid camera was the Land camera. Ansel Adams is a very well known photographer. He is mostly known for his black and white landscapes of the American West nature. These are some of his works. The Tetons and the Snake River (1942) Moon and Half Dome (1960) Dorthea Lange is another well known photographer. She is best known for her depression-era works. Migrant Mother (1936) Mathew Brady is yet another well known photographer. He is most known for his photographs of the Civil War and his photos of celebrities. Abraham Lincoln (1860) 1. At age four, Ansel Adams went through the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Although he was uninjured in the shaking, Adams was thrown face-first into a garden wall three hours later during an aftershock. As a result, Ansel broke his nose. A doctor recommended that he reset his nose once he was mature, but he never did. As a result, Ansel’s nose remained crooked for the rest of his life. In 1839 Louis Jacques-Mande Daguerre took the first photograph of a person. Since it took a while to produce, things that moved by quickly like horses and people were not captured. One unsuspecting man, who happened to be having his shoes shined, stood still long enough to be in the photograph. Things were happening and changing quickly. In 1861, only 35 years after Niepce took the first photograph, James Clerk Maxwell took the first color photo. He took it of a colored ribbon using only colors red, green, and blue. 2. Dorothea Lange actually took 6 different photos when she was photographing Florence Owens Thompson, Mother in Migrant Mother, but Migrant Mother was the only one that became famous. 3.With Fred Archer, Ansel Adams created the zone system. 4. Mathew Brady was friends with Samuel Morse, co-inventor of Morse code. 5.Mathew Brady is credited with being the father of photojournalism. 7.In 1860 Eadweard Muybridge got in a stage coach accident. As a result he suffered from double vision and confusion. 6.Although Ansel Adams mostly took black and white photographs, he did experiment with color. This prezi was made by... Allison Bassett
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