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5 Languages of Apology

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Crystal Hundley

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of 5 Languages of Apology

Expressing Regret
Saying the words "I'm sorry"

Body Language

Sorry for what?

Avoiding the "but"...

Accepting Responsibility
It's not my fault

Learning to Admit Mistakes

Agree/Disagree Approach

Learning New Ways to Respond
Making Restitution
Make amends

Do you still love me?

Making things right

Learning the 5 Love Languages

Repaying and Restoring

Genuinely Repenting
Say it! "I want to change"

Beyond words

Put it in Writing!

What if we Fail?
Requesting Forgiveness
Why Seek Forgiveness?

What are we Afraid of?

Request, Don't Demand

Not a Small Thing!

The 5 Languages
of Apology
Why Apologize?
Your Score
Apologizing is a Choice
1. I don't want to apologize
2. The apology language of the other person doesn't come naturally for me
3. I tend to be overly apologetic
Learning to Forgive
Lifting the penalty,
pardon the offender.

a Feeling.
Things NOT to Say
When Apologizing
Things To Say
When Apologizing
What is Our Apology Language?
I'm Sorry
I Was Wrong
How Can I Make It Right?
I Want to Change
Can You Find It in Your Heart...
= Expressing Regret
= Accepting Responsibility
= Making Restitution
= Genuinely Repenting
= Requesting Forgiveness
It's Not Worth the Effort
It Was Someone Else's Fault
Low Self-Esteem
It can be difficult to learn
a new way of doing anything.

This is no different.
Offense Is Committed
An Apology is Made
Forgiveness is Given
The Forgiveness Cycle
Consequences are never fully removed

Does not remove painful emotions

Does not remove the memory of the event
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