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Narcotic Analgesics

No description

Beth C

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Narcotic Analgesics

Narcotic Analgesics are
extreme painkillers. What is it? How it is used How it works Effects of Narcotics Consequences Narcotic Analgesics are a type of medication that are selective central nervous system depressants.

Used to treat moderate to severe pain.

They allow athletes to continue to train despite an injury or illness.

They are able to train harder for longer. Acting on the Central Nervous System Narcotic Analgesics reduce or eliminate pain.

This medication can be taken through syrup, tablets, injections or skin patches.

Common Narcotic Analgesics are: morphine, meperidine and fentanyl. Narcotic Analgesics block chemical sites
within the brain and spinal cord. Affecting
the Central Nervous System.

Though what causes the pain is still there,
the athlete can not feel the pain.

They act on opioid receptors.
Relieve pain quickly.


Short Term:
Drowsiness, Nausea

Long Term:
Addiction, death Benefits to an Athlete Narcotic Analgesics Ability to train harder for longer without experiencing pain of an
injury or illness.

Continue to train and compete with an injury and can reduce anxiety levels.

Athletes are able to perform and train beyond the limits of a normal pain threshold.

Common in NFL and cycling. Narcotic Analgesics have been banned by WADA.
Therefore there are serious consequences for using

May be stripped of any achievements, banned from competing in their sport and lose any opportunities of
further work as well as their reputation as an athlete.
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