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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

The summary of the whole book and chapter by chapter. WARNING: Spoiler Alert!

McKenna Smith

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

By Mildred D. Taylor
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Unanswered Question
The children were so tired of the Jefferson Davis School Bus, they decided to sneak away from school during lunch to dig a ditch in the road. The bus fell into the ditch and by doing this it ruined the bus so the children of Jefferson Davis had to walk to school.
In this chapter the night men arrived at the Logan's house but luckily it wasn't because of the children.
TJ was caught cheating on his test but pinned the blame on Stacey.
Chapter 7 & 8
Mr. Jamison came to the Logan's house to talk to them about their land.
Papa was shot on his way back from Vicksburg by the Wallaces.
Because the Logans did not have enough money to pay their mortgage, Uncle Hammer had to sell his beloved Packard.
T.J. tried to impress the Logan children by flaunting his new friends, the Simms boys.
Chapter 9 & 10
Will T.J. survive the judicial system?
Little Man was splattered with mud from the Jefferson Davis School Bus
Little Man was also appalled at the books they received at school. He would not receive such tattered books, and would not tolerate the racism that they showed.
Papa come home and also brought a friend from the railroad named Mr. Morrison to protect the family
There was also a harsh show of racism towards one of the Logan's neighbor, The Berrys, as some of them were burned for not accepting something that white men said.
Chapter 1 & 2
Cassie was taken aback when she and Big Ma went to Strawberry, Mississippi. She was appalled with just how much racism ran through Mississippi. She was humiliated by both a rude store owner and the sister of her only white friend.
After that, Uncle Hammer came to town and was so outraged with the little girl (Lilian Jean) that humiliated Cassie that he tried to get revenge on them but luckily Mr. Morrison talked him out of it.
Uncle Hammer gave Stacey a very nice coat for Christmas.
Uncle Hammer uses the fact that he has a car just like Mr. Granger's to his advantage by pretending he is Mr. Granger and speeds across a one person bridge before other people, (whites).
Chapter 5 & 6
T.J. and his new friends broke into Jim Lee Barrnet's Mercantile to steal a pearl handled gun that T.J. had wanted.
The night men come to T.J.'s house and try to lynch him but don't. They know it was TJ because the Simms boys had told the lynch mob even though they stole it with T.J.
To make sure that they don't lynch T.J., Papa started a fire. It made all of the whites and blacks work together to put it out.
T.J. also went to jail for stealing and hurting Mr. Barrnet.
Chapter 11 & 12
Chapter 3 & 4
Mr. Morrison told stories of his past all Christmas night.
The coat that Stacey got from Uncle Hammer ended up causing trouble because T.J. told Stacey he looked bad and Stacey ended up give the coat to T.J.
Cassie re-opened an old wound by befriending the one girl that hurt her the most in strawberry, "Miss" Lillian Jean. she pretended to be her friend and soon after, she got revenge and settled the score.
Mama got fired from her teaching job because she was teaching things that weren't in the text book, things that white people would not like.
T.J. also befriends the Simms boys, the brothers to Cassie's white friend and Lillian Jean.
I think T.J. won't be killed but will be sent to work in a chain gang or be sent to jail.
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is a story about a black family living in rural Mississippi during the Pre-Civil Rights era. It follows the family through their ups and downs as they face the trials of living in the racist South.
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