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Family Tree

Juliana Tree

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Family Tree

FraNcisco javier marín londoño
Technical maintenance of
water and pipes. Empocaldas
December 10, 1944 / Marquetalia, Caldas
nohemi gallego rodríguez
June 23, 1946 / Marquetalia, Caldas
69 years old
68 years old
aunts, uncle
and cousins
luis albert marín lópez
August 16, 1984 / Marquetalia, Caldas
29 years old
diana yanet marín gallego
Machinist at INCOLMA
May 13, 1976 / Marquetalia, Caldas
37 years old
martha yazmin marín gallego
Contractor mayoral Marquetalia
June 19, 1974 / Marquetalia, Caldas
39 years old
beatriz elena marín gallego
Administrator transport company
Ruana Azul
January 10, 1967 / Marquetalia, Caldas
47 years old
javier alberto marín gallego
August 27, 1965/ Marquetalia, Caldas
48 years old
maria nohelia lópez bedoya
Psychology and teacher
January 17, 1969/ Marquetalia, Caldas
45 years old
natalia ocampo marín
July 5, 2002 / Cúcuta, N. de Santander
11 years old
juan alejandro gomez marín
Student and athlete
July 3, 1996 / Marquetalia, Caldas
17 years old
andrea carolina gomez marín
November 11, 2002 / Marquetalia, Caldas
11 years old
cristina maritza ramirez marín
Secretary transport company Ruana Azul
August 11, 1987 / Marquetalia, Caldas
27 years old
beatriz elena ramirez marín
July 8, 1998 / Bogotá, Cundinamarca
15 years old
maria camila rojas ramirez
October 25, 2006 / Manizales, Caldas
7 years old
brothers and me
david alberto marín lópez
October 12, 1997/ Dorada, Caldas
26 years old
juliana katherine marín lópez
February 25, 1997 / Cúcuta, N. de Santander
16 years old
juan diego marín lópez
November 27, 1998 / Cúcuta, N. de Santander
15 years old
Maria alejandra marín ovallez
June 23, 2010/ Cúcuta, N. de Santander
3 years old
Juliana's family tree
Juliana Katherine Marín López
He likes watch TV.
His hobby is go out to walk in the afternoon.
He is honored and small.
She likes to read the Bible.
Her hobby is spend time with her family.
She has the green eyes and is loving.
His favorite soccer team is Atletico Nacional.
His hobby is watching soccer games.
He is kind and thin.
She likes cook.
Her hobby is go to the cinema.
She is humble and has blonde hair.
She likes the animals in special the dogs.
Her hobby is playing with her mascots.
She is capricious and is thin.
She likes chocolates.
Her hobby is watch TV.
She is religious and elegant.
He likes partying.
His hobby is play soccer.
He is tall and funny.
She likes the rabbits.
Her hobby is read.
She is loving and has brown hair.
She likes go to the hairdressing.
Her hobby is spend time with her friends.
She is tall and glamorous.
She likes to travel.
Her hobby is play with her daughter.
She is smiling and vanity.
She likes the fairy tales and princesses.
Her hobby is to be with her mom.
She is cute and sweet.
She likes cats.
Her hobby is go out with her boyfriend.
She is tall and has green eyes. She is outgoing.
She likes dance.
Her hobby ride in bicycle.
She is small and happy.
He likes drink coffee.
His hobby is ride in horse.
He is friendly and have a mustache.
He likes to drive cars and motorcycles.
His hobby is ride in horse.
He is friendly and funny.
I love seeing and spend time with my family and my boyfriend.
My hobby is sleep and listen to music.
I am tender and I have curly hair.
He likes pop and rock.
His hobby is play and spend time with daughter.
He is friendly and funny, has green eyes and blonde hair.
She likes toys.
Hes hobby is play.
She is small and naughty, has brown eyes.
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