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Case Study Presentation

Physiotherapy in mental health

Jess Williams

on 20 June 2010

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Transcript of Case Study Presentation

Mental Health A case study presentation Patient X Background information Medical intervention Jess Williams AUT Physiotherapy Yr 4 21 June 2010 Consent gained
Rights considered
28 year old male
Limited social contacts
Lives alone
Admitted to TWT on 30/04/10

Physiotherapy Fibromyalgia * 'Soft tissue rheumatism'
* Pain/stiffness/fatigue
* 18 classifcation points
* Widespread pain 3 months+
* Not just pain
* Self management + medication
Progression Alternatives Reflection Questions? Evidence based practice Goals Massage Physical activity Relaxation Broken family
Significant abuse
Heavy drug use 12 years +
2003-2007 history of psychotic episodes
3 previous suicide attempts
? Schizophreniform illness vs drug induced psychosis
Breach of bail - TWT Previously treated with Olanzapine
Non compliant = lost to follow up
Medication restarted
Lorazepam + zopiclone Reported voices....... ...and hallucinations.... Referral for physiotherapy... First presented on 19/05
Notes checked - consent gained
* Wide spread complaints of pain
* Descriptive of "knots"
* History unclear
* Observation
* Resisted muscle testing
* Palpation
Main findings Intervention Hard to observe posture
AROM +PROM limited
Tender points evident
Increased tone
'Ropey' + 'nodular'
BATOMI observations
Problems - Pain and discomfort
- Restrictions in movement Clinical reasoning....... Analysis ? Somatic type pain
? Psychological components
? Chronic pain
? Previous injury
? Fibromyalgia
(NZ Arthritis Foundation, 2009) What next...? * Discussion about options
* Offerred options
* Chose massage
* 20 mins with massage wax
* Appointment booked - Continued with massage
- Education
- Passive stretches
- Breathing
- Sleep strategies
- Exercise programme * Reduce pain

* Increase movement

* Independent management - Blood flow, relaxation + healing
- Self managment and relaxation
(NZ Arthritis Foundation, 2009)
- Relief from anxiety and depression
(Edge, 2003)
- Decreases pain and medication + improves quality of life
(Brattberg, 1999) - Sustainable form of self management
(NZ Arthritis Foundation, 2009)
- Physiology of the respiratory system
- Increase 'body awareness' promote relaxation
(Gustafsson, Ekholm & Broman, 2002) - Endless benefits of exercise!
(Green Perscription NZ, 2008)
- No proven adverse effects
(Martin et al, 1996)
- Just as effective as relaxation
(Martin et al, 1996)
- Positive global effects
(Cochrane review, 2008)
- Aerobic better?
(Cochrane review, 2008)
Other Body work...?
MDT Big team effort already
Chances to make this bigger...? Importance of the 'recovery model'
Importance to not 'slip' To be colourful!
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