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East Africa

No description

Austin Cottrell

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of East Africa

East Africa
By: Brianna & Austin(: Goverment Physical Geography Traditional People Visit? Location: Absolute: Between 10 degrees North, and 10 degrees Soth. Landforms: Lake Nyasa, Lake Tanganyiva, Lake Victoria, Captain Sea, Nile. What type of goverment: Sufferd thought long civil
wars. Mostly Arab Muslim north and Christian south
battled for control. 1974 to 1991 there was a civil
war in Ethiopia. May 24,1993, Eritera became a nation. Countries in this region:Brundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritious, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Seychelles. Climate: hot, gets cooler at the highlands. Popular culture Who are they: In Ethiopia and Eritrea, many people belong to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, a branch of Christianity. In Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, the population is divided among Muslims, Christians, and followers of traditional African religons. What are they like: These people are very religous and hard working. they take care of their families and their community. Visit! Brianna:I would like to visit East Africa because it seems like a beautiful place to see. There are many tourist that go there to see the wild life, so i would like to see it to. I want to see what animals live in East Africa. I'm also interested in seeing the culture, way of life, in East Africa! Austin: I would like to visit Africa to see what they do to live in Africa. It is different here then it is there where they find there own food, when we just go to a wall mart close by and get what we need.I would want to learn from what they do in their spare time. What are the countries like today?: They are still very hard working and have beautiful landmarks. The people that live their keep their community and envoiroment safe. The animals are kept healthy! Iloveyou!!
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