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on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of USA

Reasons for Obesity
"Super Size Me"
Beauty Pageants
"Toddlers and Tiaras" & "Honey Boo Boo"
Critique by Lara-Mareike, Alexander, Marisia, Valeska, Rebecca USA main success in the Westward expansion (American Frontier)
Chinese workers hired -> land giving
noteworthy solution for the distance, South and North & East and West
negotiations and workers loans
car industries and railroad companies
steel construction agriculture à railroad barons
Cowboys´ “long drive” of cattle à economic profit
Native American battles and extermination of the buffalo
counter action: Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) Railroads - A Noteworthy Invention Native Americans & Fortuna Origins
Dancing & Artists Country Music more than 1/3 of U.S. adults are overweight
more than 1/3 of U.S. adults are obese
->results in 68.8% of U.S. population
often connected to low income Beauty "Ideals" Food for a hungry Soul Soulfood Thank you for your attention! Correlation of Railroads
& Telegraphs combination with other competitive strategies ("The Western Union Telegraph Company")-> advantageous agreements with several railroads
contract and its advantages
initiate administrative reform -> corporate consolidation and centralization -> improve operating efficiency History Background a new food trend Recipes Fusion of traditional folk music from the British Isles and ethnic music from other immigrants and african slaves Reasons for Obesity Themes Drinking, cheating, nostalgia, class consciousness,
truck driving, love, unrequited love, death, loneliness,
dead kids, Jesus, patriotism, rural life, family, prison, outlaws,
cowboys, murder, loss, courting, misery, country music, morality,
honky tonking,
trains, wanderlust, poverty, sin, self-destruction, redemption The Country Industry Takes Shape 1920s, first country records and radio programs brought the music out of the rural heartland and into homes across America. Many performers become national stars through the Radio shows.

1930s-40s, the dream of the Wild West and the freedom it symbolized provides escape from ongoing tensions
Western imagery dominated country music, and as World War II approached, the singing cowboy appeared to stand for all that was fair and just.

Dance Artists "Super Size Me" 2004 documentary by Morgan Spurlock
idea is based on lawsuit against McDonalds
30 days of eating McDonalds food only
medically monitored & regular check-ups
just after a few days negative effects occurred
serious damage to heart and liver Obesity inactivity
fast food is chosen over healthy food
portion sizes are too big
fizzy drinks
wrong eating habits
too much advertising for fast food
too many fast food restaurants Beauty Pageants - slavery
- african, american, european and native american cuisine
- 1960s, Afroamericans, first domestic restaurants
- Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, "black and proud"
- Cuisine of shortage to a traditional cuisine
- Spareribs, Chicken Wings, Cornbread, Cheese Maccaronis from to - family tradition -> restaurants in "black areas"
- Soulmusic
- patience, time
- strong opposite to the slavery situation
- stronger self-confidence
- trinity: food, music, family 1854 animal pageants
1880 first "Bathing Beauty Pageant"
different kinds of pageants natural, semi-glitz & glitz "If you can't run with the big dogs,
stay on the porch!" "Toddlers and Tiaras" Tribal Sovereignty - Early 1970s Russell & Helena Bryan took tax notice to local aid attorneys - Loose their case in state district Court - Loose again in Minnesota Supreme Court - Won in the U.S. Supreme Court Big Times, Big Numbers - 27 Billions

- 237 Tribes operating:
446 Businesses across 28 states

- 44 % of the US gambling industry

- 300,000 Jobs - African Americans and the obesity problem
- new Soulfood: healthier, rich in vitamins
- Obama and other famous Soulfood-Fans
- famous cooks: Jamie Oliver, Sven 'Katmando' Christ
- Germany: parallels to traditional Bavarian cuisine
- Hussel "Soulfood" candy Louisiana Gumbo Cornbread Lunch Box Cake Food for your soul... TLC show started in January 2009
1.3 million viewers each week
shows everyday life of pageant contestants
success led to other shows "Dance Moms", "Honey Boo Boo"
includes overly competitive moms and lots of drama
criticized for procedures the girls have to undergo "Honey Boo Boo" show about 6-year old pageant contestant Alana Thompson and her family
show is edited for sensationalism
vanity and appearance are the main themes of these shows
moms try to fulfill their dreams through their children "My special juice is gonna help me win!" "Ma momma's nickname is 'Coupon Queen'!" Critique childhood & girlhood are taken away from the children
girls lose ability of developing ideal social and mental skills
sexualization of girls
long lasting damages concerning self-esteem, eating disorders & future life
damages mother-daughter relationship
mothers live their dreams through their children
use their children to get financial aid through prizes
public ridiculousness of girls
misuse of substances (energy drinks, pixi sticks) show consists of three parts:beauty, talent, theme-related clothing Hillbilly boogie
Bluegrass, folk and gospel
Honky tonk
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