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All About Me

No description

dani tice

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of All About Me

All About Me
I play basketball and softball. In basketball i play wing and point sometimes. In softball i play midfielder and second base. I've been playing basketball since the 1st grade. And softball since the 6th grade.
My 7th grade year i started track . I do a lot of things in track but my favorite is hurdles. I am 7th grade hurdles conference champion.
Fav. bball player
7th grade basketball
This isnt me
All About Me
My name is Dani Tice. Im 13
years old. Im the youngest out
of all my siblings.
My Mom
My mom's name is Jeanie. She is 42 almost 43. Her job is to help people clean their houses if they aren't able to clean it by themselves. She likes to cook and make stuff like scarfs and blankets.
I have four older siblings. Mindy, Matt, Courtney, and Billy. Mindy is 25 and has 4 kids, Trip, Aiden, Bradyn, and Cooper. Matt is 22 but he never comes to visit so i don't really know a lot about him. Courtney is 20 and i also dont see her a lot. Billy is 14 almost 15 and is a freshman.
My dad
My dads name is Dennis. He is 45 i think. He works at ACME and builds big fans. He isn't a people person. He likes to hunt deer even though he has never got one. But he is really good at killing small things.
I was born in Tal
hequah, Ok.Then
my parents mom and dad moved
to Fort Gibson. Ive been going to
Fort Gibson Schools all my life.
I have four nephews. Aiden, Brayden, Cooper, and Trip.
Trip is 8 years old and lives out of state. Aiden and Brayden are 6 years old and twin. They like to play baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. BUt they only play baseball on a team. Cooper is 5. He likes soccer.
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