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Digital Portfolio

Sarah Penwarden

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of PORTFOLIO

Skills: Ability to create an appealing advertisement
ability to recreate accurately exsisting characters
English Hallway Quotes:
Graphic Layout artist
One of a team of painters

Skills used: Spatial sense, painting skills
I edited and arranged these quotes in a pleasing sense to draw attention to the key words and fit on the narrow space we had to work with.

Character from a written passage:
artistic impression
original drawing
computer rendering
Mediums used:
pencil, marker, Adobe Illustrator
These pictures represent a developed skill set in sketching, experience with Adobe Illustrator, and a creative talent in picturing characters from the written word.
Model sheet development: Technical Illustration of existing character
Abstract Portrait: Pre-plan to final product
Advertisment on a creative product
Exsisting Character Model Sheet: Aunt Fanny (Robots)
Demonstrates ability to progress from thinking drawings and model sheets to computerized images.
Designs and Ideas
Skills: Drawing skills, the ability to accurately represent an existing character. originality and creativity (inside the head)
Advertisement on a product designed using only a piece of bristol board. No waste was created in the making of this product
Skills: Attractive advertising skills, planning skills, abilities in photoshop
The ability to create a product and present it in a pleasing way
photoshop base
experimentation with sponging techniques
sketch practice
Pre-planning/initial sketches
The Incredibles: Sequel Movie Poster
Final Poster
Final Product
Mediums: acrylic on cotton material/taffeta
Skills: Experimenting with techniques to develop a final product, experience with creativity and original ideas, combining abstract and realism.
Exploded view of head
Ability to create three-dimensionally from a two dimensional drawing
Thinking Sketch
Final Image
Word Image:
Civil Disobedience
Skills: Shows the ability to create a theme with an underlying message.
great attention to detail
Subtle advertising
shows attempts at creating word image, word ideas to get the message across
"The Yawning"
Mixed Media
3rd part in a theme of pieces.
Shows ability to capture a certain mood with a piece through varied media
Pre-planning and sketches
Shows thinking process behind sculpture
Character Design: "Little Pete"
Costume Design: Sktech
top: Newspaper Dress

right: Tinfoil/plastic wrap tutu

bottom: Garbage bag dress
Isometric Cup sketch and Canada's Wonderland Glass art Design
Shows skills in creative design, drawing and brainstorming
"Paris" themed display board
Finished board
Fashion planning & concepts: women's daywear design
Fashion planning & concepts: Women's Historically Inspired Eveningwear
skills in airbrushing, artistic referencing, creative media design.
Various other ideas
Shows ability to create using out of the ordinary materials
Acrylic paintings

Three panel waterfall

Impressionism style lake
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