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Social Media for Social Good

No description

Shannon Hunter

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of Social Media for Social Good

Social Media for Social Good
by Heather Mansfield

Facebook Tips
Post 1-2 times per day
Don't auto-sync Facebook and other social channels
Encourage staff activity on page
Have a backup administrator
Build partnerships with other pages
Integrate Facebook into your website, eNewsletter, etc.
Use "Donate Now" functionality on your page
Twitter Tips
Have a personality
Track your links
Don't only tweet your own content
Be a part of the community - retweet and reply often!
Use lists to stay organized
Use hashtags strategically and with authenticity
Tweet 4-6 times per day
Upgrade Now or Become Obsolete
If your nonprofit's website or eNewsletter is more than 5 years old, it needs to be updated ASAP!
Donor bases are increasingly more tech-savvy
Be forward-thinking in your online communications and fundraising
Make it easy and convenient for people to donate!
How to start?
Define your goals and objectives (S.M.A.R.T.)
Get the necessary training
Define success metrics
Decide which social channels are right for you and who will manage them
Start developing content - study similar organizations for ideas!
Why Should You Blog?
Automatic content engine for your social media accounts!
Share and comment on breaking news
Share stories about what your organization does and how it makes an impact
Include CTA to donate so you can keep doing awesome things
Provide organizational updates
Interview experts
Share resources and useful tips
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