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By: Christin Willie

No description

Christin Willie

on 11 September 2016

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Transcript of By: Christin Willie

Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games
By: Christin Willie
In 1987 attorney and former football player Billy Payne thought of the idea to have Atlanta as a host city for the Olympics. He brought his idea to the Atlanta mayor, Anthony Young, who agreed and eventually placed a bid to the I.O.C. and the U.S. Olympic Committee for the city to potentially become host for the Olympics. Atlanta competed against 5 other cities but won because of their southern hospitality and the city's unique heritage being the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. and the vocal point of the civil rights struggle. After selecting Atlanta in 1990 to be the host city, they had 6 years to get the city ready to endure the intense product/service management project that came with hosting the Olympics.
My favorite Olympic sports to watch are gymnastics and track and field. The Olympics officially started in 776 BC and track and field was the only sport in the games for nearly 13 festivals. Today there 50+ games in the Olympics and track and field is the 2nd most watched/popular sport. Gymnastics grew popular in the 1800's and made its way into the Olympics in 1896. In this years Olympics nearly 30 million americans tuned in to see final 5. In 1996 Michael Johnson (track and field) and Shannon Miller (gymnastics) were the U.S.'s stars for the 1996 Olympics. Both gymnastics and track and field belong to professional individual sports because they don't need a team to help them win.
My Favorites...
While hosting the 1996 Olympic Games Atlanta endured a bombing in Centennial Olympic Park killing 2 people and injuring 100+. Many journalists and event reporters had transportation problems which caused them to miss the events. Also state of the art computers failed to work when at the different venues. Some were critical of too much promotional use going on with too many commercials. This frustration caused some reports to say that the city was unorganized.
Negative Impacts
Contrary the negatives, Atlanta's legacy remains favorable according to surveys taken for marketing-information management.These surveys can show other potential Olympic cities Atlanta's lasting improvements. Atlanta's fiscal impact allowed sports venues to be upgraded, pedestrian environments were left improved and tourist attractions increased. Indirect impacts include a major growth in hotels and restaurants.
Positive Impacts
Michael Johnson
Shannon Miller
Major Brands
Some brands during the 1996 Olympics were definitely memorable says CNN Money. Advertising companies said that the distribution of the Nike logo was like an "gorilla attack" and literally seen almost everywhere. Rebook officials had to even remind everyone that
were the ones that paid $20 million to be an Official Olympic sponsor. Coca-Cola was another memorable sponsor. This company spent $60 million promoting their brand and producing over 100 commercials. Some critics said their whole selling tactic was over kill and used to much.
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