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Genivee V. and Christina M.

No description

lib hist

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Genivee V. and Christina M.

By Genivee V. & Christina M.
The Delaware Colony
Brief state history
The Delaware Colony was
founded in 1638
Peter Minut
and the New Sweden colony. The colony name Delaware came from
the Delaware Tribe and an early governor of Colonial Virginia, Lord de la warr
became a state on December 7th, 1787.
In 1664, James the Duke took over the state for Britain. The first people to settle in Delaware were the Dutch in 1631.
Reasons Founded and Founder
The founder of Delaware was Peter Minutin 1638. The reasons for founding is the soil was fertile. Trade and agricultural opportunity it presented was the some reason it was founded.
Types of People Living in Delaware
Farmers - They were there to farm produce for food and for selling.
Manufacturers - Their jobs were to build houses for people and help them.
Fishermen- their to fish for food
Types of Religions
The religions are the Protestant religion. However, they practiced tolerance in other religions and other religions were practiced.
Types of Economy
They had trade and agricultural opportunity that presented.
The reasons to settle in Delaware
The religion is free. Delaware believes in having free religion. The soil is fertile for agricultural purposes.
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