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Copy of Animal Farm Webquest

No description

Tiffany Harris

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Animal Farm Webquest

Animal Farm Webquest
Animal Farm was published on August 17 1945, and the war that had just ended was the war that had just ended was World War 2.
The Bolsheviks were Russian social democrats who wanted a change in government brought about by an industrial revolution.
The event in Animal Farm that most resembles the Red Army's defeat of the allied White Army was when the opposing leaders of the animal farm join together to defeat the farmer invasion.
The Czar of Russia before the Russian Revolution and During World War I was Nicholas II. But then he abdicated so then the Tsar of Russia became the soviets.
Online Scavenger Hunt
A cult of personality is when an someone uses things such as propoganda or other methods such as mass media in order to output the idea of a type of heroic and maybe even god-like public image. This is similar to here worship.
In Animal Farm these techniques are used by Napoleon. He demonstrates his techniques monstly by getting rid of and killing every or any one who gets in his way.
Purges were rituals. In these rituals the "undesirable" were banned. Professionals, peasants, and even government bureaucrats were purged. You could be purged by being shot, tortured, or even sent to labor camps.
Lenin is a communist but he views religion as a negative influence in the lives of common people. The reasoning behind this is that Lenin sees religion as a judgmental and discriminating among the different citizens. A slave and those who are wealthy aren't treated the same by religion in his eyes therefore he is against it and believes that everyone should be able to believe what they want including being an atheist.
Trotsky and Stalin where indeed quite different. Stalin was much more of a dictator and of a communist compared to Trotsky. While Stalin used everything he could to forge an industrially powerful empire Trotsky was more in favor of making favorable changes. Stalin was pretty harsh compared to Trotsky and he killed to get what he desired while Trotsky was more of a planner and a thinker.
Stalin and Trotsky started off as student and teacher. Stalin was impressed with Trotsky because he was such a young revolutionary, Up to a certain time Stalin was actually useful to Trotsky but his selfish manipulating ways showed sooner than later. When things changed their relationship was harmed greatly by Stalin's sick ambitions and the two men were no longer close.
In the October Revolution, the Bolshevik party, led by Vladimir Lenin, and the workers' Soviets, overthrew the Provisional Government in Petrograd.
Vladimir Lenin was a Russian communist revolutionary, politician and political theorist. The major ideas of Leninism were to comprise political and socialist economic theories developed from Marxism.
Josef Stalin was the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union. He was dictator and was a very harsh and cruel ruler.
Napoleon Bonaparte was the Emperor of the french. One of the greatest military commanders and a risk taking gambler; a workaholic genius and an impatient short term planner; a vicious cynic who forgave his closest betrayers; a misogynist who could enthrall men; Napoleon Bonaparte was all of these and more, the twice-emperor of France whose military endeavors and sheer personality dominated Europe in person for a decade, and in thought for a century.
The goals of socialism are focusing on welfare for all rather than for an individual person. The goals for communism are to create a classless society, where all of its people are equal in political and economical terms.
The common failures both of them receive are to fufill the promises thet they say they are going to complete but fail to.
During the first phase of the February revolution (Russian Revolution) the people had gotten furious with Tsar Nicholas II, and had gone on strike as well as the workers and some of the armed forces later on. So he was forced to shut down the parlient.
George Orwell's personal experience of Stalin's government is a negative one. Stalins government had been supporting Totalitarianism. Some things also proved that he had false advertising to his so called "Socialist government" in Russia. So that influenced George Orwells motivation in writing Animal Farm.
Nicholas II and his family were forced to abdicate due to the fact that people had gotten furious with him and his doings with the laws. Then people had killed him and his family to make sure that he would not be able to come back into rule.
The events described are like the events in Animal Farm because they are based off of true events that happened in real life but in Animal Farm it was just in someone elses point of view.
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