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Search Optimization

Unlocking our Potential

Will Gibbs

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Search Optimization

Strategic Plan Overview
Research Trends
Team Brainstorm
Next Steps


Improving the way we gather information, manage expectations, and present information to our clients will lead to more effective and efficient searches

Research Trends
Knowledge of our Clients

Based on our case studies, the single most common theme across our successful searches was doing significant due diligence at the start of the search in order to deeply understand the role, clients, landscape etc.

Access to our Clients

The second biggest success indicator (based on our case studies) was the degree to which hiring mangers (i.e., decision makers) are engaged and accessible in the process

Materials for
our Clients

Based on the staff survey results, candidate write-ups were by far the biggest area lacking efficiency and effectiveness
Search Optimization:

Thank you!
Unlocking Our Potential
Across the board, the common thread throughout our findings was the importance of our
, specifically:

Knowledge of our
Access to our
Materials for our

Conversely one of the most common themes across unsuccessful searches was a failure to ask enough up-front questions, catch potential flags/pitfalls/skeletons etc.

In looking at the top 5 items named in the staff survey (backing out those being addressed by the new database), 3 of the 5 relate to the creation of client materials: write-ups, agendas & trackers, search timelines

What’s Missing?????

Client Survey

 Possible topics to cover:
Information gathering
Core Competency selection
The interview day
Thought exercises
What else??

Our Clients!!!
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