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Little Chicken Gamification

No description

Linda Kole

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Little Chicken Gamification

Using game mechanics to activate users so they become players. Gamification Earning a reward is more powerful than receiving a gift. (I’ve been a good boy, Santa!)
Earning a reward provides status, receiving a gift does not.
Earning an advantage is even more powerful because an advantage is a real reward, and stimulates future gameplay. Earning rewards The infinite loop Participation in campaigns (marketing)
Make smarter choices (saves you money)
Educate (saves you money)
Try out new products (lead generation)
Revenue management (be more efficient) Why would you do this? Authority: Do I trust you? Business development
Gamification is business critical
Roles: Content, development, validation
Design cycle, iterative, prototype is king
It’s a new phenomenon, be honest Role of the developer
Someone who’s challenged to solve problems, perform actions with the intent to achieve rewards. And is engaged to continue to do so.

Its a someone engaged in a gameplay loop! Player A game is a coherent limited system for players within a ruleset. It is not real-life! (save and fun with lots of freedom to fail)
Great for learning

Gamification is game mechanics in the real –world, its real-life. (real choices, real results and real consequences)
Great for shaping choice in the real world Game versus Gamification You can earn a badge for taking a piss, but is more fun to hit something Michiel@littlechicken.nl Use game mechanics to transform business or educational systems so they create additional value.

Rational value
You drive damage free
You get a discount

Emotional value
You have earned discount through a string
You won’t break the string, players pay for their own damage Value through gameplay Player performs an undesirable action
Player is confronted with a real consequence
Positive and negative
Player makes a choice based on rational and emotional value
The choice is another challenge to be solved! And what happens if I crash? Even a negative becomes positive
The choice, no matter what the outcome is, increases emotional value, even if the rational value diminishes Negative reinforcement? Craft You can keep doing this for as long as there is increased real value.
How do you balance this system? Allow the player to lose
Losing reduces rational value, but keeps or even increases emotional value (damn I lost one life, but I can earn a new one) Infinite pie? Authenticity Attention Brain reward system
Challenge & achievement loop (releases dopamine)

Gabe Zichermann Dopamine Little Chicken Game Company v Design cycle
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