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History of Hollister

By: Brooke Beismann and Sarah Ramey

brooke beismann

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of History of Hollister

By: Brooke Beismann and Sarah Ramey Marketing Style The first store was opened in Columbus, Ohio. A&F designed HCO to duplicate the appearance of vintage beach shacks, having the interior and exterior design based off of one. Locations History of Hollister The Story of Hollister Hollister was made in the year 2000 by it's parenting brand Abercrombie and Fitch. However many people believe it was established in 1922. Due to it being on their products. However that is actually a fictional created by Mark Jeffries; one of the creators of Hollister to provide more of an atmosphere for a Hollister shopper. The story states the store was founded by J.M Hollister in the year 1922 as a Pacific merchant shop in Southern California. In reality Hollister was created in July of 2000, opening their first store in Columbus, Ohio at the Easton Town Center. Hollister at Easton Hollister mainly targets to attract 14-18 year olds. Despite their intention to attract teens, their marketing has grown to be universal of a variety of ages. Designers go for a casual, layed back, California look. Hollister has always intentionally downsized their clothing so "bigger" people cannot wear them. Hollister generally hires "good-looking" people to attract customers. Hollister uses simple brown paper bags with their models on them and corrugated cardboard tags in the stores. Where as their parenting brand uses fabric handles on their bags. They also use raised and ribbed gray paper on their boxes and clothing tags. The colors used in Abercrombie and Hollister are both limited. Abercrombie goes for dark grays, crisp whites, and a contrasting red. Hollister sticks to an earthy brown, dark burgandy and navy blue. Stores Stores are divided in half, one side for boys "Dudes" and the other for girls "Bettys." Starting in summer of 2007, A&F spend approximately $10 million dollars to install Tv screens with the design of windows in Hollister stores with live footage of Surf City, Huntington Beach, California. The HCO flagship store was launched in May of 2009. The extended marketing campaign called it "The Epic Hollister Store" The HCO brand finally opened their flagship store in July 2009 in New York City. A&F expanded into Canada in mid January of 2006. It was located in Toronto, Eaton Center and Sherway Gardenshopping Malls in Toronto, Canada. A&F opened the first Hollister store outside the U.S in London. The second being opened in the U.K. As of now there are Hollister stores universally. Stores are located in the U.S, Canada, U.K, Italy, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Ireland, Sweden, Hong Kong, France, Belgium, Austria, Poland, China, and South Korea American Eagle vs. Hollister sizes Since Hollister sizes are made smaller, you may wear a different size at Hollister, then you do at other clothing stores. For example if you were a 0 in American Eagle jeans, you may be a 3 in Hollister jeans. Other stores may go over a Large, but Hollister does not, also Hollister jeans do not go over a size 11. Hollister is associated with A&F, A&F for kids and Gilly Hicks. Quiz 1. Where was the first Hollister located?
2.What are the relating brands?
3.Who is the founder in the FICTIONAL story of Hollister?
4.What year was Hollister really established?
5. What age group does Hollister reach out to the most?
6. What are the stores designed to look like?
7. Where was the first store outside of the United States?
8. Does Hollister make their sizes bigger or smaller?
9. Name three store locations.
10. Who is the parenting brand of Hollister?
BONUS: Who is one of the real creator of Hollister? THE
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