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Nail Polish Project

No description

Lynsey Collins

on 20 April 2012

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Transcript of Nail Polish Project

What Nail Polish Brand lasts the longest? By Lynsey Collins
5th hour There are hundreds of types of nail polish brands.. The nail polish brands in this experiment are the five most popular types of nail polish brands found at your local drug stores. Sally Hansen HD ICE SinfulColors Revlon My Hypothesis is,

If one of the nail polish brands I'm using has a lot of nitrocellulose in it, then it will last longer and not chip off as easily.
Picking out the nail polish brands used in this experiment.. I visited Walgreens and Walmart, and asked some of the employers what nail polish brands are most likely to be bought, because of popularity, and came up with the five brands I just mentioned. I chose to research this project because I was sick of having to repaint my nails on a regular basis Why should you care? Girls- If you don't already, at some point in your life, you will have to paint your nails. Knowing what nail polish brand lasts the longest could save you time and money. Guys- Your wife, girlfriend, or even you might need to know this someday.. so pay attention. Like a normal person, I really had no idea what nail polish is made of, so I did some research on google of course.. There is no exact formula for nail polish but there are common ingredients used in every nail polish, the amount of each ingredient is what varies. The primary ingredient in nail polish is nitrocellulose, a flammable and explosive ingredient also used in making dynamite. Knowing what the prime ingredient is, looking up the % of nitrocellulose in each of the nail polish brands was the next step to take, I then came up with these results.. Sally Hansen HD has 27% nitrocellulose ICE has 33% nitrocellulose OPI has 38% nitrocellulose SinfulColors has 24% nitrocellulose Revlon has 32% nitrocellulose Materials used: -Three people were used in this experiment; my sisters, Lauren and Victoria, and myself. -Generic Shopko nail polish remover was used to take off our already existing nail polish -The same color in each nail polish brand mentioned earlier

Procedures 1) I got these five nail polishes in the same exact color pink; OPI, ICE, Revlon, Sall Hansen HD, & Sinful Colors
2) My sisters and I all took off our nail polish so that we had clean nails, useing the same nail polish remover
3) I painted two coats of each nail polish brand on each nail on the three subjects, making sure they were all even
4) After five days, I then checked the amount of nail polish left on each person's nails
5) I took pictures of each of my subjects results and recorded the visual data. Results The brand OPI is known for it's great quality because of the amount of nitrocellulose it has in it, which is supported by results on each of my subjects. OPI was the obvious brand of nail polish that lasted the longest with the least chips. Revlon and ICE brands were pretty much equal in quality. While Sally Hansen HD looked great when it went on but chipped really easily. SinfulColors was almost completely gone after five days but had a vivid color when applied. SinfulColors ICE Subject one's nails after five days Revlon OPI Sally Hansen HD Results My hypothesis was that the nail polish brand with the most nitrocellulose would last the longest and I was correct. OPI had the most nitrocellulose and it lasted the longest. How I could have improved you ask? I could have improved this experiment by testing this experiment more then once. Questions that came up.. What's in nitrocellulose that makes nail polish stay on your nails? Lifting and filling pigments is what makes nitrocellulos important. References; http://www.enotes.com/nail-polish-reference/nail-polish http://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/nail-care/tips/nail-polish1.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nail_polish 1) 2) 3)
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