The Society & Selection Criteria

The Prezi Educators Society is an exclusive program for innovative educators around the world. Successful applicants will have access to professional development, and networking within the Ed-Tech community. Each Prezi Educator will have the opportunity to interact with the community to create and implement action plans for advancing engagement in their classroom and academic communities through the use of Prezi.

Applicants will be selected based on the submission of a Prezumé (resumé in Prezi). The Prezumé should also answer these three questions:
  • Why would you make the best Prezi Educator?
  • What is the most innovative thing you have done in the classroom? What was the impact?
  • How would you like to partner with other educators to advance engagement in the classroom?

Exclusive Access To

  • A free Edu Pro account
  • Join Prezi at special events around the world
  • The opportunity to have your work featured on the Prezi Edu blog
  • The Prezi Educator community
  • Conversations with educators, leaders, storytellers, and Prezi Experts
  • Prezi Swag

The Prezi Educators Society is a program for innovative educators around the world.