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Weather Presentation

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Emma Demirtel

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Weather Presentation

FLOODS What is a flood? A flood is when water usually overflows a river, its banks and when it covers the surrounding land. When do floods occur? A flood occurs when water spills over a river channel onto
land is normally dry. People who live on flat land near a river probably experience floods regulary. Australia and Floods Flood disasters in Australia are responsible for damage to property and the loss of livestock. Since 1788 more than 2000 people have been killed by floods. Melbourne Flood 2005 On 3 Feb 2005, Melbourne had its biggest downpour since records began in 1856.Melbourne recorded 23 per cent of its annual rainfall in just one day/24 hours. A low pressure system had dumped 120.2mm of rain in just 24 hours,and winds were more than 100km per hour added to the chaos by bringing down trees and power lines. 2010-2011 Queensland floods In December 2010 in Queensland including its capital city,Brisbane. At least 70 towns and over 200,000 people were affected. 2010 was recorded as the wettest year for Queensland.

Cyclone Tasha crossed the coast; by 30 December vast areas of southern and central Queensland were affected by the flood. The conditions caused snakes in the Rockhampton area, and some crocodiles. Types of Floods There are three common types of floods that affect Australia Slow-onset floods; Rivers in flat areas of western Australia,central/western NSW and Queensland can often flood. they take days to build up. They can last for one week or more and can even last for months. Rapid-onset floods; Rapid onset flooding occurs more quickly than slow-onset floods. These floods can cause much more risk to loss of life and property. This type of flood can affect most of our major towns and cities. Flash floods; Flash floods is the result of intense burst of rainfall Flood Facts 1. Since 1900,floods have taken more than 10,000 lives in the USA alone. 2. Flash floods often bring walls of water 10 to 20 feet high. 3. Just 6 inches of rapidly moving flood water can knock a person down. 4. 66% of flood deaths occur in vehicles and most happen when drivers make a single, fatal mistake trying to navigate through flood waters. FLOODS
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