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Connect the Dots: Feed

No description

Lily Ren

on 23 April 2016

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Transcript of Connect the Dots: Feed

Everything must go " " Connect the dots Feed Beginning by: lily ren Titus, a typical teenager lives in the fast-lane of the modernized United States. During spring break, him along with his friends travel to the Moon where Titus is immediately intrigued when he meets Violet Durn, a girl unlike any other. However, their trip is abridged when the feed malfunctions during an anti-feed hacking. They all wake up to the bland and monotonous walls in a hospital back on Earth and for the first time, they are functioning without the feed. Violet understands the hacker's objective, and is compelled with the idea of life without any dependance on the feed. She introduces the idea to Titus, but he is hesitant. Finally, he agrees. They start by going to the mall and show interest to various items to create a random consumer profile which prevents corporations that control the feed from obtaining a reliable idea of who they are. They start spending more time together; consequently, growing closer and starting a relationship. Middle Together, they visit many sites and Violet explains to Titus of the many components as to why they have been destroyed. Beaches are smothered with contaminants and visitors are forced to wear a bodysuit. Animals are scarce, and those that live are infected. Meat is no longer from a bovine creature, but man-made and produced through tubes in “farms.” Titus meets Violet's father and discovers he is even more eccentric than Violet and speaks words he doesn't comprehend. By visiting her home, he realizes she is from a poor family. As a challenge, Violet, Titus, and their friends try to attain as many free bottles of Coca-Cola from mentioning the name casually in conversation. When it's Violet's turn, she rambles about the taste of the soda, but nobody understands the words she uses. Later, Loga describes a recent purchase from Watts Riot, and Violet feels offended that someone should wear the top without knowing the significance. Calista and Loga humiliate Violet by inventing words. Violet begs Titus to leave, and on the upcar ride back, they have their first fight. End In attempts to cheer Violet up, Titus invites to her a party, but only further dampens her mood. Moreover, she looses control of her body as she experiences her first malfunction of the feed, and ends the party for everyone. During her seizure, she loses a year's worth of memories. Violet creates a list of fantasies to execute in her life and reminiscences of events, and forwards them to Titus. As time progresses, her conditions worsens and help is not offered from FeedTech because of her expired warrant. Because the cost is too great, she petitions. They reject her petitions claiming she was not “a good investment,” because they could not create an accurate profile due to her earlier antics of resisting against the feed. Trying to fulfil her limited life, she lures Titus into having sex, but he is reluctant and they terminate their relationship. Towards the end of the summer, Titus receives a message from Violet's dad saying that it was “all over.” Violet is under a coma. He rushes to her house, where Violet's dad claims that Titus is the reason as to why Violet can no longer function. They argue, and Titus leaves. At home, he sits naked in his room ordering jeans until he has no credit. Two days later, he visits Violet one last time where he recites to her of stories, recent news and movies. She lays there immobile, heart barely beating. Meg Cool: Flying Shoes Not enough money for an upcar? What about flying shoes for only a fraction of the price. You can go to friend's houses in half the time wearing these stylish sneakers. Lesions bare skin feeling null and limp? Lesions are all the rave. They give you the vibe of knowing what's on the inside. STOLEN UPCAR Cash Reward Last parked outside of Merrian Mall
Model: BMW X20
License plate: x02Ex3q
If you have any information chat me: remus2299 Could these intelligences lead to our own destruction? President of Global Alliance -President of Global Alliance
April.22/2112 Environment Issues Laziness Consumerism Our environment has been greatly affected by feed. Never have there been so much pollution in our atmosphere to kill our ozone layer. Our sky bears no clouds, only Clouds ™. There are no leaks of natural sunlight, instead there are bubbles to provide for weather. The beach is smothered in contaminants and visitors must wear full body suits to promenade in the sand. The waters are intoxicated. Many species of sea creatures have died due to our poisons. Animals are scarce, but people no longer care, and I'm left to wonder how could a chip so small create a havoc so large? President of Global Alliance President of Global Alliance President of Global Alliance Our citizens have hit rock-bottom with these rapid-developing technologies that promote laziness throughout the nation. I was worried when the invention of upcars first surfaced, but the concept of flying shoes is absurd. Is it too tiresome to walk? Our people have completely forgotten of the importance of physical activity. Without it, obesity is growing more common. Feed was a marveling creation, until I realized the attachment and dependance on this chip. Feed has eliminated the need for books, computers, phones and school. These markets have now disintegrated leaving a gap in our economy, leaving the families of these workers poor. Would poverty define lack of money or being robbed of independence and work ethnic? Everyone is liable for their own actions, but the temptations from alluring advertisements may be overwhelming. The pop-ups from feed interrupt the train of thought and are constantly there and conclusively inevitable. They promote products that are likely to be the new "trend," however these fazes past by quickly; consequently, causing the need to "keep up." The broadcasts are impossible to ignore, because they are tailored to your personal likes and dislikes. [meg] adverb meg 1. in a high degree; extremely; exceedingly Example: The upcar is meg fast. The word "meg" is a slang adaption of the word "very." brag [brag] adjective 1. very good, excellent Example: These new shoes are so brag The word "brag" is a moderation of the slang word "cool." Word of the day Personality Quiz
Are you Titus, Violet or Marty? HOROSCOPE: CANCER Your feelings for friends and your emotional responses to life in general are deeper and more intense. The need to share, to give and receive love, and to be accepted and wanted is very strong. You have an opportunity now to see what keeps you from being really close to others – perhaps a forgotten hurt or hidden resentment – and to rid yourself of it by bringing it out in the open or simply releasing it. INBOX
(1) New Message
(1) Weather Report from Africa
(3) National Geographic
(2) Wildlife Magazine Subscription
(1) Monthly Horoscope I have never felt close to anyone besides my father. I decided personally to stray away from people because of the fear of abandonment. When I was a young girl, my mother left to visit foreign islands and left my father all alone to care for me. I always believed she would return, though deep down I knew she left because of our refusal to blend into society. My father and I had a habit of doing tasks on our own. We liked being dependent. We chose not to rely on technologies, but finally we became the obsidian shadows contrasting with the snow white of feed users.

I believe this may be my cue to move on from the past. VIOLET DURN Lincoln "link" Arwarker Calista: Hey, who's that guy over there, sitting alone at the bar?
Titus: Oh, a friend of mine, Link. I'll introduce you to him.
(walks to him)
Titus: Unit! Long time no see, this is my friend Calista.
Calista: How'd you grow those sideburns and beard? Did you buy them from the facial accessory store?
Link: Nah, I was born like that. I'm named after the person that I was cloned after, Abraham Lincoln.
Calista: Oh, who's that? Some actor?
Link: I wish, he's some old man from like a long time ago. Real famous back in his time, forget why though.
Calista: It's brag how there's some meaning behind it.
Link: I guess. 1. What would you be doing at a party?
a.feel uncomfortable while observing
b.casually talking with friends
c.being the life of the party

2. How do you feel about School
a.I don't think it teaches us what we need
b.Rather not have it, but it's there for a reason
c.It's stupid, I don't participate in it 3.How would your describe yourself
a.the opinionated one
b.the average joe
c.the fun guy

4.Opinion on the Global Alliance
a.truly great organization
b.I don't know why they're doing what they do
c.what is that? If your answers were mostly .... a. b. c. you are Violet you are Titus you are Marty Synthetic Body Lesions $1200 120 Synthetic Facial Lesions $700 35 Lesion Adhesive Glue $40 3 Magazine Subscription $40 1 Lipstick from Mac $15 1 Velour Pants from Weatherbee & Crotch $100 2 #1
#5 No. Telsa Coil from Bebrekker & Carl #6 $60 1 $2155 Recent Transactions Quendy magenta lipstick coral lipstick
berry lipstick compact mirror
perfume rollerball travel size lesion removal and adhesive key for upcar credit cards list of recent transactions Dear Diary:

I don't know why Quendy won't stop copying me, I was like wow that's so flattering at first, but now that's meg limp. I got the lesions first, and now she went out and got her whole body covered in them. She really is trying too hard. Besides her, everything is brag, even Violet. She's so weird sometimes, but it's kind of refreshing having some change, even if it gets annoying. CALISTA Floral Rucksack from Beadleton Polka-Dot Blouse from Coraline Watts Riot Top Plaid Shirt from Westerners Lemon Silk Blouse from Silkz LOGA $2155 Titus
779901 Brightview Street
LA, CAL, 008932
Chat: Titus90123

School ™

Honors for all courses

Spirited and Passionate
Optimistic Thinker

Staying in trend

Calista, Friend
Titus is meg cool.

Violet Durn, Girlfriend
Titus is a bright young boy who treats everyone kindly. He is very enthusiastic and will bring positive energy to any work team. He is loyal and loving. Last Will & Testament 779901 Brightview Street, LA, CAL, 008932 Titus 1.I authorize my executor to sell my belongings.
2.My room will be given to my brother.
3.My assets shall be divided as follows
-Violet Durn and her family shall receive (30%)
-My family shall receive (50%)
-Lincoln Arwaker, Marty, Calista, Loga and Quendy shall receive (20%) I wish I could have said before Violet died... I should have done so much more, but her last minutes were listening to me ramble on about recent happenings around the Earth. I would have told her how much she meant to be, and why I now understand her rebellion against feed. If I could be transported back into that moment, I would have paid to have her feed repaired, no matter the cost. Though I don't have that money, I would find a way to pay back the dues.
1.Make the bed
2.Buy an Insta-Clean
3.Have the house cleaned
4.Prepare breakfast for Stink Factor and I
5.Dispose of serviettes and cutlery
6.Go to Violet's house
7.Go to Marty's party
8.Be back home by 12:00 a.m. TO DO LIST TITUS The Cloud
Pros: The exterior of the car is a pearl white with a matte finish.
Cons: The windshield is too long. Dodge Cormorant
Pros: The vehicle provides excellent mileage and features a superb stereo sound system.
Con: The dashboard arrangement is covered with knobs and devices distracting from the sleek interior. The Swarp
Pros: The vehicle has a sporty design. The stormy grey contrasts with cobalt blue accents which are also on the wheels.
Cons: The car does not permit seating in the back because of the slanted roof. Dodge Gryphon
Pro: This vehicle is larger than the rest, providing enough room for five passengers and extra space in the trunk.
Con: I do not like this amber color on a car. buying an upcar They need to learn the value of money and of those who don't have access to it. The characters need to control the impulse to buy objects. Especially in their environment, where advertisements are everywhere, not just buildings and benches, but in their mind. A continuing educational class everyone should take ... Money Spending Course A theme of the book is CONSUMERISM Consumerism is a social and economic order that encourages the purchase of goods and services in ever-greater amounts. Products and advertisements are specialized to the particular interests of the buyer. Connections: The Lorax
“Thneeds, which everyone needs,” was once a well perceived jingle and Once-ler became prosperous. However, as the demand grew bigger, more Truffula trees were chopped to knit the thneeds. Soon the once beautiful area became choked with pollution, and the Lorax forced all the animals to leave for a new home. From "Feed," the microchip is the reason as to why pollution spreads across the World, and is unrecognizable from the way it used to look. Finally one day, the land was left bare. Because of a Thneed faze, the factories created hazy smoke air which created grey skies and giant machines chopped every last tree. The people did not care, since the Thneed trend has already ended. Like lesions, consumers will later find a new product of interest. “Money” is often misinterpreted as a tribute to money. However, it is the contrary. Ironically, Pink Floyd made a lot of cash and the song sold over 34 million copies. Money 
Well, get back 
I'm all right Jack 
Keep your hands off of my stack 
It's a hit 
Don't give me that do goody good bullshit 
I'm in the high-fidelity first class travelling set 
I think I need a Lear jet 
It's a crime 
Share it fairly 
But don't take a slice of my pie 
So they say 
Is the root of all evil today 
But if you ask for a raise 
It's no surprise that they're giving none away
This line explains of the greed, and the need to have more. What you own is never enough. This segment describes the true meaning of money. There is an uneven distribution of money, however nobody makes a change. This quote is a paraphrase from the New Testament - 1 Timothy 6:10: "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Connection to Feed? While the Americans are surrounded by their wealth, others suffer all around the world. However, never have they given a thought to anybody else. They always want more for their own, for example: air factories for clean oxygen; consequently, destroying trees which provides homes for species of animals and insects. People spend their money on clothing trends, when some don't even have clothes. Corporates and companies promote these events to gain more abundance. DYSTOPIA In “Feed”, the United Nations is the Capitol, where the massively dominant nation bears citizens both naive and ignorant who have no concerns beyond their own. Americans have already destroyed their own resources and those of the surrounding realms, and citizens of the Capitol force their inferiors to do their bidding while providing strict law enforcements. Their neighbouring lands, poor and in shambles, live in the shadows of their superior, in a dystopia. They suffer from dehumanization and overbearing governments in a dangerous state of nature. Dehumanization Hunger Games stripped of individuality and human attributes Feed They lose independence due to lack of privacy from the feed. The representatives from each district enter as tributes, no longer innocent children. Feed Hunger Games Overbearing Governments
Totalitarianism Feed Hunger Games Critical Environment Issues political system which controls all aspects does not tell citizens of troubles
Global Alliance does not receive voice
access to their thought passage districts have no power
under constant supervision
forced to work as a reminder of their sovereign
children are submitted to annual Hunger Games to fight till death Almost all aspects are man-made, and what's natural is dying. poor conditions after apocalyptic event
animal shortages Rebellion Thought in different times and eras, both worlds live in a dystopia. In “The Hunger Games,” the land is divided into districts after an apocalyptic event where the Capitol grasped for the reign. From “Feed,” the people are at the peak of their glory days, inching closer towards their own destruction. From both stories, Violet Durn and Katniss Everdeen, take on a heroic pursuit in an act of rebellion. From “Feed,” the civilians are unaware of their true ruler, the feed. This microchip is the cause of consumerism, leading to the sudden uproar of technologies. Slowly, resources start to diminish as the advancements replace them, and people forget of their importance. Compelled after an anti-feed hacking claiming they enter a “time of calamity,” Violet hatches a plan to resist the feed, because of the belief that the nation is raising “ignorant” and “self-centered idiots.” However, her feed starts to malfunction. She is denied by Feedtech when asking for repairs, so she petitions. Nobody understands her angle and Titus' friends humiliate her thinking how absurd she is. From "The Hunger Games," Katniss creates a political outrage when she attempts suicide during the Hunger Games. She outsmarts the gamemakers at their own game. Quietly, rebellion arises among different districts as she is framed as a heroine for the citizen, but the rule remains of execution for “inciting a rebellion.” Unlike Katniss, Violet's message was ignored. Whether an adult with mental deficiency or an average modernized teenager, when offered a chance for opportunity, it is rarely denied. Both men grasped at the liberty. However, it is undecided whether or not the offer will prove to be upbringing or a downfall. Algernon, a retard, has always wanted to be intelligent. He is surrounded by people who accomplish tasks he only dreams he could, and most of all Algernon wants to be accepted. An opportunity arises when scientists are willing to do an experimental project to increase the intelligence quotient on a human after a successful trial with a mouse. From “Feed,” in the depths of space, within the boredom of the Moon, Titus encounters Violet watching his friend's stupidity. She gracefully gains their acceptance when noting why Quendy's lesion is charming and frames her face instead of revolting. Titus remarks how Quendy is always the center of attention, but Violet easily took her place. She was a refreshing change to their social group. They both are offered an opportunity. Algernon and Titus grasp at the liberty. For Algernon, the experiment proves successful, his intelligent quotient is multiplied tenfold, but his emotional maturity is not stable. His “friends,” at the bakery are terrified of his newfound intelligence and he starts to learn of the hardship leading a regular life. Algernon finds himself to be lonelier than ever, and longing for his old life. However, as time passes he discovers that the effect is only temporary. Titus and Violet's relation progresses, but too soon, Titus feels inferior to Violet's intellect. She rambles about troubles around the World and of the distress from the feed, to which Titus feels overwhelmed after listening about it. He longs for normality and an escape from her fantasies. In the end Algernon and Titus find themselves preferring the lifestyle hardwired into their head, back to where they were from the beginning. In fields of aluminum cans or life in space many live their own personal lives unaware of what surrounds them. The author of “Feed” and the directors from “Up,” designed a plot to remind readers and viewers of the importance of nature in a modern and urban environment. The characters are faced with sudden reminders of all that's dying and it's up to them to take action or remain oblivious. In a futuristic setting, high tech machinery modernizes the world. Everyone becomes so independent on technology that they are lost and confused without it. From the book “Feed,” the phrase: “..and I couldn't do a fuckin' thing,” is said when Titus is in the hospital after him and his friends were hacked at the Rumble Spot. Without the feed, Titus was left not knowing what to do. All he could concentrate on was what he could have been doing if his feed was properly functioning. After being so consumed by this chip, he felt that nothing was enjoyable without it. From the animated Disney movie “Wall-E,” nobody walks. Instead, they remain seated in levitating chairs that direct them wherever they want to go. They are constantly facing their IM screens and chatting virtually with friends, never have they spoken to one another directly. When Julia fell from her chair, for the first time she saw what the inside of the aircraft looked like. In both “Feed “ and “Wall-E,” they feature very modern modes of transportation and allow travel in space is very accessible. Technology In “Feed”, they are not as a far ahead in the future as “Wall-E.” Titus and his friends are still living on Earth, but it is quickly become a wasteland and they are already forced to launch garbage within space because of an abundance of trash on their planet. The people start demolishing forests to build Air Factories, however only Violet knows that the trees itself creates oxygen. Clouds do not exist in “Feed,” instead there are Clouds ™. The pollutants and toxins at rivers and beaches forces visitors to wear bodysuits to walk on the sand. Waters are murky and inhabitable and Earth is quickly dying. In “Wall-E,” the population has already polluted Earth to an extent that it has been inhabitable for over 700 years. Everyone lives within in space and are travelling through a large aircraft. After destroying their planet with garbage they are now launching packed cubes of waste into space. Nevertheless, countless decades ago, they were once equally ignorant to the circumstances of Earth similar to the characters from “Feed.” They have now learnt from their errors, and are determined to restore conditions on Earth to what they once were many years ago. Environment Satire The obese passengers aboard the Axiom and the teenagers born from technology are based on our present population. Both stories are depictions of our future generations where the current dilemmas of the people today are magnified. From “Feed,” the juveniles are party-goers and haters of education. They speak with heavy slang with words such as “meg,” “limp,” and “youch.” Similar to looking into a funhouse mirror, the reflection the novels demonstrates may be distorted, ugly or exaggerated, but they are undeniably ourselves. From “Wall-E,” everyone is morbidly obese. The characters are a parody of “the average American,” thought to be lazy and large. They grow accustomed to their chairs which provide all means of transportation leading to the unnecessary need for physical activity. From the first captain aboard, the timeline shows increase in fat. If our citizens are not cautious of their actions, we could easily become just like the youth from “Feed,” or the society from “Wall-E.” When I'm ridin' round the world 
And I'm doin' this and I'm signing that 
And I'm tryin' to make some girl 
Who tells me baby better come back later next week 
'Cause you see I'm on losing streak  Titus is constantly making sacrifices for Violet, though she does not realize his hardships. Like the character from the song, they both feel unappreciated, and their hard work goes unrecognized. Constantly, Titus attempts to ignore the reminders of her intelligence or his lack of. Even his parents notice, but he claims he is “just dumb.” Violet causes him to feel spoiled when telling him he is “so lucky.” Having Violet as his girlfriend, Titus also affects his social circle by having her around and his friends feel uncomfortable with Violet. Violet's world does not revolve around Titus. She is occupied with her desire to better the World and free the people of the feed. Both her and the person from the song live two lives, one for their partner and the other for hardwork. She is “tryin' to make some” awareness for the Earth before the existence of feed. When she learns of her microchip malfunction, Violet is intrigued to live her life to the fullest. She chats her ideas and dreams to Titus, but they go ignored. Like the character, she is denied by her partner. At home entangled by tubes and in the heart of nature lying on a bed of white are two females who are cherished and loved. The ending of "Feed," reminds me of the german folklore "Snow White." Both females are slowly showing evidence of their upcoming death. Violet looses feeling in her body more often as time progresses and Snow White has been revived several times by the dwarfs after consultations with the Queen. When Violet dies, she passes with the memory of Titus speaking to her. Mistaken for death, Snow White lays in a handcrafted glass coffin while dwarfs lay flowers and speak calming words to her. What is essential is invisible to the eye. Titus' attention towards style rather than efficiency, is similar to Cinderella's evil stepsisters as they prepare for the ball. Titus' final decision for his upcar is based on his insecurity when it comes to Violet instead of the manufacturing and usage. From "Cinderella," Anastatia and Drizella wear dresses with constricting bodices to impress Prince Charming, ignoring their personal comfort. Both Titus and the stepsisters deal with personal situations with the judgement of others in consideration. Without darkness, there is no light. Violet is the Beauty and Titus, the Beast. From the traditional fairytale "Beauty and the Beast," the Beast lives a crude life, wallowing in his own self-pity and burdening others with his anger. However, when he stumbles upon a beautiful girl, he changes his ways in attempts to impress her. The Beast spends uses his wealth to shower Belle with the finest embroideries, delicate jeweleries, and for the first time, he is content. From "Feed," Titus has a new perspective on everyday aspects whenever he is with Violet. He describes her as the "most amazing person" that he has ever seen in his life when they first meet. Though he thinks she is strange, Titus is immediately intrigued by the way she captures the attention of his social group so quickly, yet leaving a positive impression. Both males encounter a refreshing change. The scene where Titus' friends are verbally humiliating Violet with imaginary words reminds me of Scuttle from "The Little Mermaid." From "Feed" Calista and Loga use made-up speech after Violet rants about a personal experience while drinking Coca Cola. The words she speaks are uncommon in their society, and feeling unintelligent compared to Violet, the female antagonists reverse the roles. Though it was unintentional and a normality on Violet's behalf, Calista and Loga felt her linguistics stood out like a sore thumb. From "The Little Mermaid," Ariels goes to Scuttle when she discovers man-made items in the depths of the sea. Though he does not know of the objects, he creates names for them. Unlike Calist and Loga, Scuttle truly means well even if he is slightly deranged. He explains how a "dinglehopper," is used to comb through hair and the smoke a pipe, a "snarfblatt," is for music-making. In the fall of 2012, Royal Dutch Shell filed a lawsuit against any public protest against their company's ice-drilling plans. Greenpeace, an environmental awareness organization, has engaged in numerous protests against Shell over the course of the year as part of their international Save the Arctic Campaign. Activists would clamp bicycle locks on the pumps on several of their gas stations. In response, Greenpeace called the lawsuit a "legal sledgehammer to stifle public discourse." From "Feed," there have been numerous riots, but they go unheard of. To some, these acts may have even been a joke considering the clothing pieces are worn as fashion statements by those unaware of the cause. The government claims they are a nation dedicated to "freedom" and "free commerce." Freedom is the ability to stand up for what you believe in, but the voices of Global Alliance are not heard. From a spacial view, the Arctic has altered drastically over the course of 30 years as the ice terrains slowly diminish. In our future, the Arctic may not exist. When suffering an addiction one must recognize it first before taking action. Rebecca Bloomwood from the movie"Confessions of a Shopaholic" is a shopping addict, and from the book "Feed," everybody is just like her. All of Rebecca's credit cards have been maxed, though when she struts past rows of sleek mannequins, she succumbs immediately to the urge. The society from M.T. Anderson's book is filled with flashy advertisements and catchy jingles to attract the consumers. The need to stay "in trend," has grown increasingly necessary and citizens don't realize their shopping problems. When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
But darlin' when I hold you
Don't you know I feel the same

'Cause nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain

We've been through this such a long long time
Just tryin' to kill the pain

But lovers always come and lovers always go
An no one's really sure who's lettin' go today
Walking away Violet and Titus have an on-off relationship, however they are both intrigued with each other for opposite reasons. Violet longs for the normality and Titus is interested in change. However, their lifestyles grow to be too overwhelming, and that's when they start their bickering. The phrase “Both know hearts can change,”describes their shifting moods. One day, Violet will be anxious to go to a party, and the other she exclaims of the absurdity. Titus loves Violet's uniqueness, but her intelligence and awareness for what he does not understand annoys him. Their love “always comes” and “always goes,” but in the end, Titus leaves. However, he returns to Violet, when he learns of her critical condition. Often you may find yourself traumatized, unsure of yourself or emotional after a drastic event. In his shock and numbness, Titus stays immobile in his room, and from "Lion King," after Mufasa's death, Simba is devastated and runs away. Both males are in a situation of vulnerability. From the book "Feed," Titus spends all his credit absentmindedly under the influence of advertisements and oblivion to all the surrounds him. In the movie"Lion King," Simba flees forgetting about his family and his reign after being manipulated by Scar. Titus and Simba take on different approaches to evade the situation. (I CAN'T GET NO) SATISFACTION TITUS' PERSPECTIVE VIOLET'S PERSPECTIVE NOVEMBER RAIN - GUNS N ROSES CONNECTION I'm not saying its your fault
Although you could have done more
Oh you're so naive yet so
How could this been done
By such a smiling sweetheart.
Ohh and your sweet and pretty face
In such an ugly world
Something so beautiful.
Ohh that every time I look inside NAIVE -THE KOOKS VERSE 1 After foolishly messing with her feed, Violet is on her deathbed, because of a fluky consumer's profile. Like “I” from this verse, Violet's dad feels he should have consulted her, but it is already too late. He knows it's not his liability, but he could have “done more.” Before the incident Violet's dad would read over consumer reports and wonder “what could go wrong” but now he knows not to doubt any possibility. The character from the song describes someone as one of the only pure and beautiful aspects in “such an ugly world.” Violet is among the few who worry about the Earth's conditions and the troubles around the world unlike the majority who focus solely on themselves. VIOLET'S DAD POV NAIVE -THE KOOKS I know, she knows that i'm not fond of asking
True or false, it may be... Well, she's still out to get me.
And I know, she knows that i'm not fond of asking
True or false, it may be... She's still out to get me! CHORUS After learning of Violet's condition, Titus is immobile sitting crossed-legged on his rug completely nude. In his hysterical state, he orders pants “as quickly as he could” until he has “nothing left in his account.” He feels miserable. Titus knows the whole incident is completely his fault even before being yelled at by Violet's father. Like “I” from the song, he is not sure whether or not if it is“true or false” about Violet's opinion of him to still be loving, though he clings on to that thought. In his gut, he knows she detests him for all he has put her through. TITUS' POV NAIVE -THE KOOKS Just don't let me down
Just don't let me down
Hold on to your kite LAST VERSE One who is suffering will crave company from another. In Violet's coma-like state, I would think she is gracious to have Titus by her side. Even though he ignores her and their relationship crumbles, she messages him that she still loves him and reminds him that he is “not like the others” months before she looses all control of her body. Like the character from the last verse, she wants moral support. She learns from him, admires how he says phrases“no one expects him to,” and she feels happy with him. Violet doesn't want to be “let down” now that the last of her days are nearing and she yearns for his company. Both Violet and the personage from the song “Naive” don't want to be disappointed. VIOLET'S POV
We just sat there, together, and we did not say anything. And it wasn't bad. I hoped she could see my smile in the light of my brain.

p.54 “What makes the desert beautiful,' said the little prince, 'is that somewhere it hides a well...” Le Petit Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupery What makes something all the more special, is from the manner an event or object is perceived. Titus from “Feed,” by M.T. Anderson finds the silence serene as he sits beside Violet and the little prince from “Le Petit Prince,” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery speaks of the beauty of a plain desert. What they both share, is a spark to an otherwise dull or boring aspect. Titus is filled with positive emotions towards Violet, making her presence alone a pleasure, though not knowing if she reciprocates the feelings, Titus still is content. From “Le Petit Prince,” the lone desert may cover thousands of miles, but in the abyss there hides a well. Instead of having a fear of dehydration leading to death, there is the reassurance of a water source somewhere. Both males are not sure if what they seek may be found, but even without it, they find bliss. “We got some that were plain and some cinnamon. I liked the cinnamon better. Violet said that it was important to start with the plain, so that the cinnamon seemed more like a change." “Well, I must endure the presence of two or three caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies. It seems that they are very beautiful.” Le Petit Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupery Good things come to only those who wait. Both Violet and the Little Prince await for the larger reveal, but first they must surpass delays. From “Feed,” Violet prefers the cinnamon donuts, but she says it is “important to start with the plain.”She has a theory that all things postponed will create more excitement and tension; consequently, a better satisfying experience in the end. In the story “Le Petit Prince,” the boy understands the need to wait as he mentions how he must endure if he wishes to become “acquainted with butterflies.”The atrociousness of the caterpillars contrast with the beauty of the winged marvels tricking the mind to believe how the butterflies are even more appealing to the eye. Their wait creates an enhancement of their senses. Stripped of the feed, or your status, what does that make you? From Walt Disney's "Princess and the Frog," Prince Naveen is charming and polite, but he is penniless and unskilled. He is not willing to work, so instead he chooses to marry a rich woman. From "Feed," everybody uses the microchip on a daily basis. Every action depends on it. There are no second thoughts about any of the negatives of the feed, because everyone is already consumed by the way the chip facilitates daily lifestyles. Laziness has replaced the need for work ethnic. The Emerald Cockroach Wasp/Jewel Wasp
(Ampulex compressa) In a trance where the brain is blind within a haze, one is easily manipulated. This parasitic insect injects toxins into certain areas of the brain of a cockroach permitting mind-control. Like the feed, the user is unknowingly being operated by another. The chip will infest the mind. From "Feed" when in "mal," the consumer experiences physical and mental sensation which may cause the loss of applied knowledge for everyday situations. The Jewel Wasp's poison will inhibit the desire to flee from potential dangerous or pain. Both disintegrate common sense. As the venom flows through the bloodstream, the wasp will lead the roach back to a burrow by gently pulling on the antennae like a leash, coaxing the need to walk. Then the insect lays it's eggs within the depths of the roach's stomach and leave. As the effects start to disappear, the larvae commence to eat their way out of the still-alive roach. Similar to the feed, this contraption will damage you and manipulate you. You are transformed to believe the power of the chip, and it soon grows to be part of you. Parasitism is a non-mutual relationship between organisms of different species where one organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host. The language, particularly the vocabulary varies depending on the peculiar trade, profession, or group. J.D. Salinger, author of "Catcher in the Rye," and M.T. Anderson, author of "Feed," write with consistent proportions of jargon. Holen Caulfeld lives in the mid 1900's and the character reflects of the actual colloquial speech of that time. Words are used such as "flit" meaning homosexual and "crumby" meaning inadequate or disappointing. From "Feed," the integrity of the English language is losing it's value. There are English to English dictionaries to translate words and phrases into their everyday slang. Both authors feature the use of neologism in different eras. "I could see my face, crying, in her blank eye" p.298 The significant other is lying on the deathbed as their lover stands near. From "Feed" and "Romeo and Juliet," the male protagonists are distraught at what lies before them. Titus, who has abandoned Violet, visits her home after her father recalls of the recent happenings. In "Romeo and Juliet," Romeo is stranded in Mantua when Bathazar arrives telling him that his beloved Juliet is dead. In a haste, he returns to Verona. “The natural world is so adaptable...
So adaptable you wonder what's natural.” With our intelligence, we can modify the appearance or mechanism to any being or aspect. The fruits we eat are claimed to be "natural." However the soil may have been fertilized, the skin is sprayed with insect-repellent or undergone with gene regulators. The legitimate fruit we eat can be the result of scientists combining different foods to create a new specimen with better nutriments and increase in size. From "Feed," the process of giving birth does not exists for humans. Link is an adaption of the American President, Abraham Lincoln. His parents pick the features they want, and scientists create the offspring. The people of this dystopian society are all clones. The significant other is lying on the deathbed as their lover stands near. From "Feed" and "Romeo and Juliet," the male protagonists are distraught at what lies before them. Titus, who has abandoned Violet, visits her home after her father recalls of the recent happenings. He learns that Violet's feed is severely malfunctioning forcing her into a critical and life-threatening situation. In "Romeo and Juliet," Romeo is stranded in Mantua when Bathazar arrives telling him that his beloved Juliet is dead. In a haste, he returns to Verona. Romeo and Titus leave for different reasons, but they return for similar notions. Violet's Library This novel is suitable for Violet because of the reoccurring themes of kindness, sympathy, discipline and respect. Throughout her infant years, she did not have the feed. Everything was done manually, and through disciplinary lessons she may learn without influence of technology. Violet bears empathetic feelings towards those who suffer, and she has a keen understanding of what surrounds her. Violet is selfless just like Black Beauty. A magazine Violet would have is National Geographic to educate her on history, science, and nature. Through School TM she only learns the tips and tricks to feed, but what Violet really wants to know is about Earth. Her interests peaks at the animals that used to live, and the global warming across the world. Throughout the book "Feed," Violet's passion for environmental issues is evident. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Ronald Dahl is a novel Violet would read, because of the whimsical aspects. The story features a penniless boy who finds himself living a dream after he finds a Golden Ticket. Similar to Violet, who is born from a poor family, fantasizes of life in the outside world. When she meets Titus, the opportunities arises. Like Willy Wonka, she has ambitions and goals to fulfill. Before her death, Violet creates a list of places to go and things to accomplish, but her ideas are too grand and cannot be done. The End By: Lily Ren Connect the Dots: Feed by M.T. Anderson Le Petit Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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