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Thomas Harker

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

BY Thomas Harker My Sacred Story of My LIFE The start of my Life started in the Year 2000 on December the 10th at the mercy womans hospital in carlton at 1:00 on a sunday. Reconciliation and
communion I Have change in many ways like responsibility, I am more mature i dont muck around much. I also Show lots of initiative everywhere i go and keep up being a good role model for my fellow peers. But i still have the problem of my older brother. He always hits me and i doont mind because he owes me $25. How i have changed over the years I'm different to Jesus in a little bit of a ways
He donated to everyone but i have only donated to major charities such as saint Vicents and Caritas. I am also a bit mean to my sister. Though i am a bit mean to her i am also nice to her the other times. How i am different to Jesus The Start of My life I was confirmed the year 2012
at the church of
saint Marys in ascot vale My first reconciliation I had my first reconciliation in 2008 at saint Mary's church. I was scared and i only had two things to say to the priest but i got through it safely. My first communion I had my first communion at St Mary's church but this was special to me because i also had confirmation on the same day. So it was a sacred day for me. Confirmation So thank You for watch my prezi and hope you have a nice day. How am i similar to Jesus I am similar to Jesus Because i show great leadership and responsibility. I give everyone a chance and help them out even if i don't know them. I am nice to everyone i meet and sometimes become their friends. I also include everyone in what i am doing or what i am playing Baptism I was baptized on the on 12th of august in 2001 At Our lady's church in maidstone. My god parents are My cousin Chris and edith Quisay My important events
No-1 Wheatbics Tryathlon This wheatbics tryathlon
was in 2012 early February
and i compleated it. it was
my first time and i was very
proud of myself. Important event in my life
NO-2 Year 6 Christmas carols. This was in year 6 and it is an important event to me because i was a narrator and there was only 2 narrators from each year six class. Important event
NO-3 Moving schools I moved schools in early 2011. From the school FNPS9 (footscray north primary school) to St. Margarates primary school. it was a hard change for me because i had all my friends in one school and the no friends in the other. But for the first day i got bullied but not serverly. after i found new people to hang out with and it became better.
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