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Should There be Zoos?

No description

Christopher Shen

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Should There be Zoos?

Should there be zoos? The Panda Yes zoos are good No zoos are bad The zoo can let the animal get faster medication The zoo allows people to breed the panda in captivity Protects pandas animals from porches Pandas are well fed in zoos Stories 1. A baby panda died from a liver failure in zoo.
A National Zoo veterinarian says," a liver problem was indeed to blame for the death of a 6-day-old giant panda cub last month." People still argue over the panda's death.
2. Panda mother accidentally crushed her cub.
Eight-year-old Yinghua, the panda accidentally crushed her cub after she abandoned her other.When the cub called for milk she didn't see the cube and crushed it in the corner of the habitat.
3. Chinese Automaker 'Adopts' Panda Tai Shan.
A corporate sponsorship. Sichuan Auto Industry Group will pay $150,000 for a lifelong claim to Tai Shan and adopt the panda. The adopter was from DC and found the panda waiting for him.
4. Red Panda Has Rare Triplets in Fargo.
Red panda mom Shan Tou has surprised zoo keepers in Fargo, ND, by giving birth to triplets. A very rare occasion where a red panda does so.
5. Panda in China killed by gasses after
careless cleaning.
The death of one of China's most beloved panda bears has been blamed on poison gas resulting from a careless cleaning operation at the Jinan Zoo. Quan Quan, a 21-year-old panda who'd given birth to 7 cubs, had breathed in poisons gases after her habitat was cleaned. Gets rid of the animals natural habitat The animals loose their natural hunting skills The panda may end up being lazy The animals could be separated from there families
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