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The Fault in Our Stars Project

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on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of The Fault in Our Stars Project

By John Green The Fault in Our Stars Summary How to Prepare How to Reflect Kylee Hwang, Chandler Tarantino,Cailey Steffens, Alyssa Guthrie Conflict Theme Book Review Important Quotes Once in the Discussion Top 5 Skills The Fault in Our Stars is about a teenage girl named Hazel who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when she was 13. Now at 16, she suffers from too much fluid in her lungs and has to use an oxygen tank to breathe. She is forced to go to a cancer support group for teens and there she meets a guy named Augustus. Augustus is in remission from osteosarcoma, which left him with an amputated leg. At first, Augustus flirts with Hazel but she thinks nothing of it because it has never happened to her before. Then she begins to realize that maybe he is serious and they both recognize the connection they have, which turns into more than a friendship. But, she’s afraid to become close to Augustus for the fear that she would leave him behind and he would be attached to her. But Augustus doesn’t care. So, they continue their relationship as Augustus is quite the chaser and Hazel only has a few other friends that understand exactly what she is going through.
Hazel is obsessed with the book called An Imperial Infliction, which she also gets Gus to adore. Nonetheless, the book ends on a cliff, because the characters in the book seemingly die before it can be finished. From this point on Hazel’s one wish is to know how the book ends. Gus offers his unused “Make a Wish” foundation wish to Hazel. They want going to Amsterdam to visit the author of her favorite book, Van Houten, to find out how the book ends. They end up going on the trip, and surprisingly their encounter with Van Houten is disappointing because he is a delusional drunk. None of their questions get answered, but they still get a wonderful trip together in Amsterdam. When Hazel realizes that Gus does not seem well, he decides to break the news to her that he has cancer again. Very bad. The rest of the book is about their relationship, the bad and good times. But most importantly, how it ends. The conflict is mostly Person vs. Self as well as Person vs. Nature WHY YOU ASK? Hazel is trying to figure out who she is. She doesn't understand the concept of living. She is a 16 year old girl with a limited amount of time to do some, then comes a boy named Augustus Waters. Gus for short. Anyways Gus helps her find herself, and shows her how to love and live. This however is also a Person vs. Nature because the cancer that Hazel has, makes her think that she is limited to many possibilities. She has the physical cancer, but the cancer doesn't have her. · Bring your book with important passages marked

· Designated section is completely read

· Have your questions and notes with you

· Notify your group to remind them about the discussion

· Communication is key; have everyone on the same page about the topic at hand How to discuss · Listen to all group members and take turns

· Designate a group leader to keep the group on track

· Add notes to your paper, reflecting members’ answers

· Keep a moderate tone

· Keep eye contact

· Speak slowly and clearly

· Respect everyone’s opinions

· Do not interrupt

· Give input and contribute to the discussion

· Don’t be afraid to ask additional questions and have the person repeat their question ·Be sure to pay attention while in the discussion so you remember what was learned ·Think back to the key topics discussed and interesting questions ·Voice your opinions and answers provided during the discussion ·Look at both the big picture and specifics of your discussion and take time to think about each component ·Take some time to reflect upon your own actions for how you and the whole group may improve (put these notes tips to use the next week) 1) Respect- 2) Focus- 3) Contribution- 4) Enthusiasm- 5) Question everything- Make your own scenarios, ideas, and opinion Be excited to discuss with your group! Make sure everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) puts in an equal amount of effort into the work Everyone, at least try to stay focused. Its understandable that it may be easy to get off topic, but hey if we can do it you can too! (Plus it really isn't that hard to get back on track, just dont get distracted with something else!) Respect everyone's opinions, not everyone is going to agree on the same thing. Get over it and talk about something new! identity "who am I?" This overall is a critical question for anyone, but is especially important for the narrator The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel Lancaster. After all, Hazel has the added complication of cancer - she doesn't have much time left to answer the question. Hazel's self discovery is helped along by a boy, a book, and ultimatley herself "As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly, then all at once." "That's the thing about pain... it demands to be felt." "I can't talk about our love story, but i will talk about math, I am not a mathematician, but I do know this: There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There's .1 and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities," "I snapped open the clutch, reached in, and pulled out a hard pack of Camel Lights. In a quick motion I hoped no one would notice, i snuck them into the space between his side and the coffin"s plush silver lining. 'You can light these,' I whispered to him. 'I won't mind' " " One of them, a woman with curly blonde hair, maybe thirty, drank from a beer then raised her glass toward us and shouted something.
'We don't speak Dutch,' Gus shouted back.
One of the others shouted a translation: 'The beautiful couple is beautiful.' Example Questions Level 1: Who is the author that Hazel and Gus go visit in Amsterdam? Level 2: Compare yourself to Hazel's and Kaitlyns frienship. Can you relate? Do you think Kaitlyn is a good friend? Explain. Level 3: Citing evidence from the text, explain how Gus helps Isaac after his break up. Why doesn't Hazel participate? Level 4: Create your own eulogy for Augustus. Put yourself in Hazel's position while writing it and read it to your dicsussion group. Speaking for the entire group, this book was absolutely AMAZING. John Green is such a talented writer and we all really enjoyed this book. The book seems a little long considering its just a bit over 300 pages, but the margins are really nicely spread and there is a lot of space between each word. Needless to say this book was still amazing. It was a real page turner and if you're looking for a good sappy read that may or may not make you cry, this is your book.
Now guys, i know that after listening to our presentation you may think this is too girly of a book for you, well you're wrong. Everyone has a small guilty pleasure for a sappy love story. I mean at least every movie there's a girlfriend or a girl in the story, (except for horror movies.. not many love stories there)
Aside from that the book was overall really good and we recommend you to read this for your summer read.
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