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The Testing- Book Clubs

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Chris Fiertek

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of The Testing- Book Clubs

Cia Vale is 16 year old graduating five lakes colony high school, and she has got chosen for The Testing, (A test that shows the students strength as future leaders), along with her 3 other classmates. She soon learns, going through the tests, that not everything is what it seems. People die from nerves, penalties, and dangers that are in the tests. She has no choice but to go through the Testing. In the fourth test she loses her friends, but can make it through with the help of Tomas, and she passes the test with no memory of what happened.
Character Analysis- Cia Vale
Cia Vale, the main character, is the youngest of four children and graduates High School at age 16. She is intelligent, passionate, and courageous. As a result from these characteristics, Cia Vale, from Five Lakes colony is chosen for the Testing. The Testing is a standardized test that makes students perform to their maximum ability.The testing may seem like any test you would see now days, but instead of having a failing grade, there are penalties including death. Cia witnessed penalties deaths of some her fellow testers including her room mate, Ryme, who took her own life. Since Cia did not let those penalties get her way, and demonstrated her best performance. She would later pass the testing.
In this book there was conflict between man vs society. Cia is challenged by the government through the Testing. The government puts her through challenges that she has to overcome. It is a matter of life or death.
Setting- Tosu City
Tosu city is where the government officials work, it being the capital of the united commonwealth. It is also where the gruesome testing takes place. “The magistrate discusses the basics we will need to bring to Tosu City.” (pg.23) “Tosu City official, Michal Gallen, will be waiting to escort us to the testing center.” (pg.24)

Cia, Tomas, Zandri, and Malachi live in Five Lakes Colony. They all went to the same high school and graduated the same year. Cia Vale graduated at 16 years old being the youngest in her class. “I’m young for it at 16. The youngest by far in my class” (page 1) All 4 of her friends get inducted to the Testing.
Rising Action
Cia gets selected for the testing by tosu city officials and heads off to Tosu city to begin the testing which has four phases. The tests may look like any college test, but it creates a lot of pressure and stress that eventually caused Cia’s room mate to take her own life. "The first test is the written portion" (pg 75) During the second test new troubles abroad and penalties are added for the part of failure.This would later result in the death of Malachi. Cia later promises to pass the testing as she progresses. "Each room consist of 6 people. There are 87 people left." (pg 104 - 105) On the third test Cia's father’s words remind her to trust no one. When one of her teammates was acting suspicious, she decided not to take the test because of the penalties for failing. Due to her instincts, she passes the third test without penalties and finally moves on to the last test. "Congratulations to all on making it to the fourth test." (pg 134) Later on she has to make decisions on the most difficult test of all but manages to make it and pass the test.
Cia passes the testing! “He lifts the envelope flap and pulls out a white sheet of paper. He stares at it for a moment as though weighing the judgement before handing it to me. My fingers fumble with the paper. It takes me several tries before I can read the single word printed in bold black print in the city. PASS!" (pg 317)
The Testing- Book Clubs
A Journey To The End
The Testing By: Joelle Charbonneau
Falling Action

Our project started out as a google slide so everyone could work on it at the same time. After we got all our planning done, we imported our information onto our prezi. We picked prezi because of the themes it had. The theme we picked represented a goal at the end, which showed how Cia had a journey to make it to the university. We noticed that all dystopian books have a goal at the end where the main character and her friends face challenges with the society.
Tosu city
About The Author
Joelle has performed in opera and musical theater productions across Chicago. She now teaches private voice lessons and is the author of the New York Times best selling The Testing trilogy as well as two mystery series: The Rebecca Robbins mysteries and the Glee Club mysteries. All her books have been enjoyed by teenagers around the world as well as young adults.

Cia gets her memory wiped away. “The most important achievement of my life. And yet, I remember none of it.” (pg.318)
Cia makes it to the university. ”Congratulations. I am happy to say you are the twenty candidates who have been chosen to attend the University next year." (Pg.318)
Chris F.
Isaac F.
Jacky S.
Marvin E.
Breeanna S.
Malencia Vale
Man Vs. Society
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